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Unsupported ERC20 tokens on Incognito

ERC20 tokens are becoming increasingly popular. We’ve received many requests about adding rebase tokens (AMPL, YAM, etc…) and modified smart contract tokens (DGX, PAXG, etc…). As the Incognito bridge is trustless, anyon…

12 February 13, 2021
Incognito Dictionary

See a word you don’t know or a word you think others may not know? Let us know in a comment, and we will add the word and its explanation to the list. Word Meaning DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization is an…

4 December 1, 2020
Start here: All the info you need, in one place.

Welcome to the Incognito Library. At the library, you can find all the information you need, organized topically. The difference between your local library and this one is, there’s no need to put the books back where yo…

24 November 9, 2020
2 transitions going one time address 2 May 18, 2021
On ramp for GBP - BTC (or any crypto) and web app? 2 May 17, 2021
Provide Unsuccessful 3 May 17, 2021
Improvement of ETH/ERC20 shielding design 9 May 16, 2021
WARNING! Do not send funds to Block Fi 20 May 15, 2021
[Complete] Provide paused for scheduled maintenance (May 12th 10:00 to May 14th 07:00 Eastern Time) 7 May 15, 2021
Error withdrawing provision 5 May 13, 2021
Something went wrong. Please try again. (undefined) 2 May 12, 2021
Is Incognito a mixer? 12 May 11, 2021
Frais de transfert exorbitant 2 May 11, 2021
Create your own privacy token on Incognito 8 May 7, 2021
[Solved] Shielding ERC20 not working any more? 2 May 6, 2021
Massive loss of value when trading or moving coin 4 May 6, 2021
[Solved] Placed a trade on pDEX [Unsuccessful] 15 May 5, 2021
What happens when the Shielding address expires? 3 May 4, 2021
Cannot delete key named "pdex"? 6 May 4, 2021
Can't withdraw liquidity Provide 2 May 4, 2021
coinbase zcash address doesn't work 2 May 3, 2021
Captcha showing.. 5 May 3, 2021
[Solved] Need help unstaking from provide. It's the 4th day today. 5 May 3, 2021
[Solved] I provided 1 DAI, there was an error... lost it! Help! 19 May 2, 2021
App paused for scheduled maintenance (April 28th 23:00 - April 29th 07:00 Eastern Time) 3 April 29, 2021

Manage your crypto anonymously This is a multi-currency, multi-purpose privacy wallet. Send and receive assets anonymously. Buy and sell confidentially without KYC. Enable privacy for all your cryptocurrencies and all yo…

84 April 28, 2021
Incognito app new version 19 April 27, 2021
Btc transaction 2 April 26, 2021
Balance in Provide not loading 10 April 26, 2021
Help needed - Balance not updating 6 April 26, 2021