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[UNPAUSED] Shield, Unshield, pKyber paused for 48 hours (ETH/ERC20 only)

[Update] As of now a new version of the wallet app has been released. Please download it from App Store or Play store. After that, it should be business as usual. There is a minor error in the display after performing …

13 August 7, 2020
Start here: All the info you need, in one place.

Welcome to the Incognito Library. At the library, you can find all the information you need, organized topically. The difference between your local library and this one is, there’s no need to put the books back where yo…

8 June 5, 2020
Incognito Dictionary

See a word you don’t know or a word you think others may not know? Let us know in a comment, and we will add the word and its explanation to the list. Word Meaning DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization is an…

4 April 19, 2020
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having issues loading provide screen 15 August 7, 2020

Provide liquidity to the first privacy protecting DEX, and earn rewards for helping people trade with freedom. Accessible from the Incognito app. Invest in privacy. Earn anonymously. Your contribution is directl…

57 August 6, 2020
Can only send small amounts of PRV 12 August 5, 2020
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Bug to buy PRV from USDC in Incognito app 13 July 31, 2020
Report BUG- Danger AMPL on Incognito 2 July 31, 2020
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Adding LBC (LYBR app) token 11 July 29, 2020
Trading 7 July 29, 2020
Transfer digit count after decimal 4 July 28, 2020
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