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Coins Conversion and Breaking Changes in Privacy V2

This topic explains why you need to convert coins as a pre-required step right after upgrading the app to the latest version (v4.5.0) to be able to see your assets’ balances as well as highlights the main breaking change…

32 August 4, 2021
[Complete] The whole system paused for scheduled maintenance (July 31, 13:00 to August 1, 13:00 Eastern Time)

Hi everyone, Maintenance complete The maintenance is complete, the system is now back up. When the first time you open the app (v4.5.0) on your phone, you may see all balances are zero in the assets tab, don’t be fre…

34 August 4, 2021
[Staging] Incognito Privacy V2 upgrade

Important note: the staging version is used only for testing purpose on Incognito testnet, don’t try it with mainnet now since we haven’t deployed the privacy v2 protocol to mainnet yet. You can see how to switch to usin…

8 July 27, 2021
Incognito Dictionary

See a word you don’t know or a word you think others may not know? Let us know in a comment, and we will add the word and its explanation to the list. Word Meaning DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization is an…

4 December 1, 2020
Start here: All the info you need, in one place.

Welcome to the Incognito Library. At the library, you can find all the information you need, organized topically. The difference between your local library and this one is, there’s no need to put the books back where yo…

24 November 9, 2020
[Solved] Stuck at “Please do not navigate away till this window closes“ screen 3 August 4, 2021
Some Wallet Error Codes 18 August 3, 2021
Add list pair feature 2 August 3, 2021
Convert failing and prv missing 5 August 3, 2021
Prv conversion? 4 August 3, 2021

Manage your crypto anonymously This is a multi-currency, multi-purpose privacy wallet. Send and receive assets anonymously. Buy and sell confidentially without KYC. Enable privacy for all your cryptocurrencies and all yo…

86 August 3, 2021
Unstaking is taking longer than 3 days 2 August 3, 2021
Problem with trading no prv 32 August 2, 2021
Create your own privacy token on Incognito 12 July 30, 2021

Provide liquidity to the first privacy-protecting DEX, and earn rewards for helping people trade with freedom. Accessible from the Incognito app. Invest in privacy. Earn anonymously. Your contribution is directl…

136 July 29, 2021
Entire keychain wiped 3 July 29, 2021
[Resolved] Stuck on Processing (9) 4 July 29, 2021
[Resolved] Trade also taking long time 3 July 27, 2021
[App v4.4.2] Incognito - Binance Smart Chain bridge 9 July 25, 2021
Liquidity for unverified ERC-20s 5 July 21, 2021
[App v4.3.11] ETH/ERC20 tokens decentralized shielding 11 July 14, 2021
ERC-721 Dividend token for investors 7 July 10, 2021
How can we convert a frequently used account to a brand-new account? 11 July 9, 2021
BNB unshield time out, funds not returned 2 July 5, 2021
[Staging] Incognito - Binance Smart Chain bridge 8 July 5, 2021
Did not receive provide rewards 11 July 5, 2021
Missing transactions. 6 July 5, 2021
How to back up your private key for account recovery 9 July 3, 2021
Update for 7/02- no update in App Store —— FIXED!_——- 11 July 3, 2021
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Incognito app Use the Incognito app to store, send, buy, and sell any cryptocurrency – with total privacy. $67M+ in crypto has already been processed confidentially. It takes just a couple of taps to turn on privacy for …

26 July 3, 2021