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How to trade on the new Incognito exchange

Welcome to the cross-chain privacy marketplace of web3! Here you get to buy and sell whatever you want, however you like. You can even (anonymously) access liquidity from other exchange platforms, starting with PancakeS…

22 May 31, 2022
How to contribute liquidity and earn rewards

Think people should be able to buy and sell crypto without being spied on? Excellent. This tutorial will show you how to contribute liquidity and earn rewards for helping people trade privately. How it works When you co…

15 May 27, 2022
How to shield, send, receive, and unshield cryptocurrency

How to use the Incognito Wallet When your coins are held in another wallet and used on other blockchains, they’re vulnerable. The transactions you make point right back to you. Incognito, on the other hand, lets you use…

23 May 24, 2022
Wallet Tutorial - manage your keys with a single phrase

How to use the Incognito app wallet feature A hierarchical-deterministic wallet makes managing your Incognito wallet simpler and more secure. With it, you are able to back up and restore multiple keychains with just one …

61 May 16, 2022
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