Bitcoin price?

This is a recent “incognito” screenshot where you can see a Bitcoin value that is not current. Could someone explain to me in simple terms why this happens? What sense does it make to operate in pDex with these distortions? I don’t understand.

Hello @Rambler,

This was already asked and answered a few days ago: (Answered) Bitcoin shown as too low

Thanks for the answer. I read them, but still It is incomprehensible to me. Could you explain it in simple terms?

Right, it seems to me if somebody is buying BTC at discount of $4000, somebody else is losing BTC on that trade.

The prices shown on the Markets tab in the app do not always reflect what you’ll see in a trade/swap. Often you’ll see a price off quite a bit from what the price “should” be, but when you do a trade you get the “correct” price. Other times (especially when the trading pool has lower liquidity) you’ll get a much “worse” price.

tl;dr: do the math/watch the prices on the swap screen.

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