Cannot unshield XMR assets

Hi @Support,

I cannot unshield my XMR assets. I always receive “Invalid XMR address” error. Could you fix the error?


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I’am having the same issue.

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Same here. Has anyone found a solution?

@abduraman @2Z85mg4825dX38Bbk @Some_one1963

Ive escalated this to the app team and will report back.

Same problem here, I’ve sent three test transactions to external wallets and they are all stuck at Processing [7] Exiting Incognito mode...
It’s been around 52 hours since the first transaction was made.

All the other coins I had no issue with unshielding, only XMR is being an issue.

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I have had the same issue with ZEC unshielding, says “Invalid ZEC address”. Have been waiting over 4 months for a fix.

Updating last post… all three transactions went through and are confirmed to be in my external wallets. Took a few days but seems its all good now.

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@abduraman @2Z85mg4825dX38Bbk @Some_one1963 @street1336 @nams,

If you have failed XMR TXs then please attempt them again. A lot of the backlog was cleared out over the last 24 hours.

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I have the same problem, tried three transactions to external XMR wallet and they’re stuck at …Processing [7] Exiting Incognito mode...
@Roblox_enthusiast, how long did take for yours to go through in the end?
The first transaction i sent was a bit more than 48h ago…

Sorry for the delay. The app team is working over time to ensure ALL TXs are completed.

Is a transaction that got stuck at “Processing [7]” for more than 48 hours a failed one? If yes, how can I reattempt the unshielding process?

No. Processing [7] is still good.