App Release v5.14.5

Hello Incognito app users :v:

The most recent app release (v5.14.5) is now available for both Android and iOS devices. This update will happen automatically when you open the Wallet app on your mobile device. You can check the app version by going to [More/Settings > scroll to the bottom]. Here are the highlights of this release:

  • Adding the new PRV - USDT (Unified) pool in pDEX.
  • Resolve Swap issue for the PRV - USDT (Unified) pool.
  • Introduction of the Cancel Order feature: If you have placed Buy/Sell Orders in the old PRV-USDT pool, you can now easily find your orders in More/Cancel Order. Simply tap on Open orders to locate your previous orders and then tap [Cancel] to have the tokens refunded to your account.

As always, please share your ideas about what you would like to see in the upcoming releases.

Cheers! :beers:


Hey everyone, there is an issue with the swap on the new pool. Please wait for us to provide an update

We used to see all of our open orders on the “open orders” tab – now it only shows open orders for the selected trading pair. I don’t remember what pairs I have orders submitted for, so it would be nice if there was a place to see all open orders. And if you could increase the limit of open orders slightly (15 or 20?), that’d be great. Thanks!

Hi everyone, Swap is now working as expected.

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@yoo thanks for suggestion. However, the current limit on open orders was carefully considered during the design of the pDEX protocol. Increasing it to 15 or 20 would have a significant impact on blockchain performance.

Therefore, I suggest a workaround solution: send a partial amount of the token to your new account and then create a limit order there.

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