[Resolved] Swap Price Impact

Greetings, I am seeing high price impact value (>17%) when trying to swap PRV for BTC, XMR, or USDT. Please see screen shot. Anyone else see this? Do we know why @Support?


I have also tried much smaller amounts of PRV with no significant change.

Hello @Karim,

I’ve escalated this to the dev team.


Same here

Any update on this? It’s even worse now.

100 PRV returns a >16% price impact in BTC, USDT, XMR…
600 PRV returns price impact of >93%.

How is there less than $100 worth of those coins in the pool?

There appears to be a routing issue on app based swaps. I’ve escalated this to the dev team.


Thanks for escalating this @Jared.

FYI, I too have seen a huge “Price impact” of 80.4% for a small swap of ~160 PRV into USDT.

It’s way worse now. Any updates?

Thank you for the response. You say the issue is “on app based swaps”…implying this does not affect swaps initiated by other means.

Can you please instruct or direct to instructions for how to perform a swap outside of the app and avoid this issue?

at this point it is saying “no trading paths available“. explanation and update, please.

The app swap routing is using a path through an XMR pool that has low liquidity causing swaps to have high price impact. The devs are aware and are actively looking into fixing this issue.

The explanation is unfortunately pretty simple: there is no liquidity on the USDT/PRV pair. Same issue for ETH/PRV BTC/PRV XMR/PRV. So, as a result as of now, it’s almost impossible to sell large amount of PRV

How are you determining this? How are you viewing the pools?

It’s easy to see the size through the app. You go on market tab, click on PRV then select Buy on the upper tab, then click on the arrow near the name of your wallet. I’ve made the screenshot now. Still empty. There’s just a slight 0.1XMR on the PRV/XMR pool.

Can you explain how the buy-sell function works in conjunction with the Swap function?

Ever since pDEX v3 and the buy-sell was introduced, I was never clear how the Provide/Swap and Liquidity/buy-sell worked side by side.

Are buy-sell liquidity pools really the same as the Provide/Swap pools?

Personally I’ve never been able to use the buy/sell because the liquidity was never there, so I have always used Swap.

First, I would like to say I’m not working for them. I’m an user of this network. So far I don’t know how much liquidities are available in provide. It’s centralized. The pools are decentralized and… Dry at the moment. From my humble opinion, it smells bad. Especially if this situation gets chronic.

Okay but this entire thread is about Swap, which to my understanding is fed by Provide. The liquidity pools you’re referring to are fed by Earn, and in my experience have always been dry.

It sounded like you were suggesting the two were related, but as I said, I was never clear on that. It sounds like you aren’t either.

So to be clear, you actually don’t know if your original statement is actually the explanation for this issue:

Jared explicitly said it’s a routing issue. It sounds like you’re claiming it’s a liquidity issue, and implying that the liquidity pools from Earn affect the Swap values. I’m interested in having someone explain the whol thing, but I don’t think that’s how it works.

I don’t have factual proof on how provide can affect the swap liquidity. I hope everything stated here is just a routing issue as Jared stated. Provide was supposed to be phased out. But they decided not to do so.

Again, Provide does affect Swap because that’s literally what feeds the Swap. The issue is, the pools you’re referencing are fed by Earn.

So what I’ve been trying to determine is how (if at all) Provide/Swap is related to or affected by Earn/buy-sell pools. You literally said “The explanation is unfortunately pretty simple”…and claimed it had to do with the Earn pools being dry. But now it doesn’t seem like you’re even sure those pools are even related to the Swap function that this thread is about.

As far as Provide goes, yes it sounded like the plan was to phase it out for the reasons mentioned on the pDEX v3 announcement, but like I said, as far as I saw there was never enough liquidity in the Earn pools to make transacting through the Buy-Sell even really possible, let alone for a reasonable price.

I think that’s why even after nearly a year, it was stated “As of right now we have no plans to phase out the Provide feature of the app”, because so far, Swap (fed by Provide) seems to have always been the only reasonable way to exchange coins in Incognito.

The only correlation I saw, was once the earn pool dryed out, it was complicated to swap without affecting the price. And unfortunately they’re no audit, proof of reserve of the provide system. And you know better than me, than transparency brings trust.