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Incognito app Use the Incognito app to store, send, buy, and sell any cryptocurrency – with total privacy. $67M+ in crypto has already been processed confidentially. It takes just a couple of taps to turn on privacy for …

26 July 3, 2021

Provide liquidity to the first privacy-protecting DEX, and earn rewards for helping people trade with freedom. Accessible from the Incognito app. Invest in privacy. Earn anonymously. Your contribution is directl…

136 September 27, 2021

Manage your crypto anonymously This is a multi-currency, multi-purpose privacy wallet. Send and receive assets anonymously. Buy and sell confidentially without KYC. Enable privacy for all your cryptocurrencies and all yo…

86 August 3, 2021
Incognito pDEX

Buy and sell crypto anonymously Meet the very first privacy-protecting DEX. It’s anonymous and non-custodial. No records, no trading histories, no KYC. Now you can trade BTC, ETH, XMR and more – all without exposing your…

7 November 28, 2020
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Incognito Wallet App's tracking and permissions 6 March 5, 2021
Privacy for Kyber Network 1 June 15, 2020
The Portal 7 June 25, 2020