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Word Meaning
DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organization is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by shareholders and not influenced by a central government. (source - Wikipedia)
Epoch Is a unit of time used on the Incognito blockchain. During 1 Epoch, 350 blocks are produced. This takes ~4 hours.
Highway Within the Incognito Network, highways are highly dedicated nodes. In simple terms, highways are proxies responsible for forwarding messages inside the network. Check this post for detailed information
Liquidity Liquidity refers to the funds available on pDEX for the trading pairs present.
Mainnet Mainnet is the real-world implementation of the Incognito chain. Transfers and trades are performed with real cryptocurrency as opposed to testnet that uses “monopoly money”.
Node A Node (fka pNode) is a device developed by the Incognito team, to provide a plug and play device for non-tech-savvy people to run the validator software.
Node Earning Cycle The earning cycle of a Node contains 3 stages:
- waiting (to be selected)
- pending (selected, waiting to start earning)
- earning (… earning)
Node Virtual A Node Virtual (fka vNode) is validator software running on a (hosted) server.
pApp(s) pApp is short for privacy App. pApps are built for the Incognito ecosystem, and may run external to or on the Incognito chain.
pDEX pDEX stands for privacy Decentralized Exchange. pDEX is the Incognito implementations of a DEX. On pDEX all trades are anonymous. pDEX can be found in the wallet app.
PoS A Proof of Stake blockchain takes into account the amount of stake the validator invested to decide on who will produce/validate the next block (and with that earn crypto). Incognito is a Proof of Stake blockchain. At this moment the amount of stake is limited to 1,750 PRV. This results in equal chances of being selected for vNode and pNode owners.
PoW A Proof of Work blockchain takes into account the “work” performed by the miner to decide which block gets accepted. The Bitcoin blockchain is a Proof of Work blockchain. More powerful miners(/computers) increase the chance of mining a block.
PRV PRV short for Privacy which is the name of the native cryptocurrency of Incognito.
Shard A shard is a subchain the Node (Virtuals) attach to when being selected to earn. More information can be found in the White paper
Staking Staking means you participate in a project by making a certain amount of coins available to the project. You don’t give them, but lend them. Staking is mostly done for a longer period of time. Staking involves a reward.

Within the Incognito Project there are three ways to stake:
- by staking your own (p/v)Node,
- or by adding crypto to the Provide Pool,
- by providing liquidity to a trading pair directly
Testnet Testnet is the playground of Incognito developers to test their code before releasing it on mainnet. Transfers and trades are performed with “monopoly money” as opposed to mainnet that uses real cryptocurrency. Testnet coins have no value outside testnet.
Validator Someone who runs one or more Nodes/Node Virtuals
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