(Quesetion) Doubts about web exchange

I’m using the web app, but I have 2 problems, first I want to swap but I’m unable to, the only message that I have is: “Incognito collects a small network fee of 0.1 PRV to pay the miners who help power the network”, this message appears even when I try to buy PRV.
My other problem is that I don’t know how to unshield my coins and transfer them back to my wallet using the web app.

I hope you can help me.

Hello @naruto,

First off, welcome to Incognito! You’ve picked the right path to safe guard your crypto privacy.

Each TX you do on the Incognito blockchain requires 0.1 PRV to complete. Please leave a comment or send a PM with your Incognito wallet address and I can send you some PRV to get started.

In order to unshield via the web wallet, you can select the same network and coin for both fields on the swap screen and then input your destination or recipient address in the field provided. If you get stuck at any point please do not hesitate to reach out again.

I want to highlight that Incognito is not a mixer by design. If you have shielded your coins and intend to immediately unshield to mix them, they will still be traceable.

Please check out the following forum posts to learn more:

Thank you so much for your response and all the explanations.
My Incognito wallet address is: