Unstacking early help?

I’m trying to get my stuff out from provide in 12 month Lock is their a way?

The lock will be removed soon, I think they said somewhere between now and 48 hours. There will most likely be an announcement for it.


@Jamie is correct. Any locked PRV in Provide will be unlocked within the next 48 hours.

Hello @street1336,

My understanding is that the locked PRV provisions have been unlocked and are processing through the queue. I’ll reach out to the app team again to get a clarification on this.

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Provide tab doesn’t even load for me at this moment, but yes that was my understanding of the situation as well.
Right now I am more worried about my LTC withdrawal not showing up as deposit on Kucoin :fearful:

Hello @street1336,

Regarding Locked PRV Provisions, I do not have a further update for these.

For non-PRV crypto, things like stuck unshields, please open a support ticket by messaging @Support with the TX information (screenshot is best).

My understanding is the app team is working on releasing the locked terms, however, the unshield TXs and tickets are first priority.

TXs are still going through, however, some of them are resulting in issues. Most likely due to the network being pummeled with TX requests.

I have an LTC unshielding action going on since May 4th, with only [7] (of the 12 required) confirmations sofar. Kahnhj said all unshielding transactions will be processed before they shut down the system. :crossed_fingers:

Some things are slow (remember everyone is in the same boat, trying to get this done asap - much more traffic & transactions), but I have withdrawn from provide everything aside from locked PRV, and I’ve been able to unshield nearly everything aside from one issue that I fully believe they are still working on.

I imagine the network is overloaded and the support staff & devs are overwhelmed. I have no ties to the project other than as a user, so I can guarantee nothing - but I believe they are working hard to make everyone as happy as possible.

Not saying you shouldn’t alert Support if you have an issue, just that maybe try to have patience in this trying times.

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