(Resolved) App is crashing after a few second

I phone user App user interface became spotty yesterday, and is now completely crashing after about three seconds of getting into the app. Please advise.

Hello @Joc,

Do you recall if you were on the latest version? When is the last time your phone was restarted?

Mine is taking forever to fully launch. Usually the loading circle is only there for a few seconds at most…now it takes at least 30 seconds.

How do we know what the latest version is?

The Google Play Store lists:
Version: 5.14.0
Updated on Sep 6, 2023

The GitHub releases says 5.14.0 updated Sep 12, 2023…
But in the tags the latest listing is 5.14.1 updated Sep 29.

The latest announcement in the forum I could find is for 5.14.5.

But on my personal app settings it shows 5.14.7 (evidently autoupdated, because I didn’t do it).

@Jared …Where do we find the latest version?

More > Settings > Displayed at the bottom.

@Jared Jared mine is frozen when I login and then the app crashes. What do I do?

Please reply to the above questions.

I am on iOS. iPhone 12 It started behaving weird last night moving slow, but not crashing and still functional.

Then yesterday it started freezing and crashing beyond sign in. I rebooted my phone this morning no difference. I updated to the latest. iOS update no difference.

What version are you showing under More > Settings > at the bottom of the screen?

I don’t understand.

  1. If the app crashes, how is he supposed to check the version of the app from within the app?

  2. Also, it sounds like you’re saying the only place to find the latest available version of the app…to look what version is installed within the app itself? So we’re just assuming we are always on the latest version? What’s the point of asking what version he has then?

Is your app working fine?

I definitely need help here. I’m basically locked out of my funds.

Deleted the app and reinstalled and everything working now