(Solved) Faucet Issues

Hi, I tried claiming from the PRV faucet several times. I’ve waited a few hours and still no PRV coming to my wallet.
The notification after claiming says “This faucet is Pending. Waiting for transaction to confirm!”
so it seems to work but I feel like something is wrong.

my address is

in case that helps. Can anyone confirm if the faucet is working for them?

Hello @crashbandicoot,

I’ve just sent you 0.5 PRV. Please swap some crypto into PRV to cover future TX fess.

I’m going to mark this thread as (Solved) . Feel free to reach out to @Support directly if you need any assistance. Welcome to Incognito. :raised_hands: :incognito: :prv:

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thank you!

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I am also having this issue and I can’t file a support ticket because after I click messages twice and hit Add or remove users it just makes an X appear next to my name, it doesn’t let me add or type anything. I’ve also been having a lot of issues with using the site on the Tor browser with DuckDuckGo settings set to safer, the initial create password button for my main account wouldn’t work and then when I tried to reset my password for the forum account much later that button wasn’t working either, you just click it and nothing happens. I have 0.1494 PRV but it still says its not enough and when I try to get more I have the same issue crashbandicoot did. So I have no way to send my BTC or trade for more PRV.

my address is 12sxiLFQSyAe71TWPNPzSDBUDrSeZZJgPdSiniaFWK1U593G4MXKh5WAt5swhAsVUMAjc8pBfJZkUJxoes4p49iQ7nU48CNCLHiCoPr18rchUF4hLErsjxgLairvAU72sepW62pRbZjaue7JB8hf

Hello @Dirigible37,

I just sent you 0.5 PRV. Please swap some crypto into PRV to cover future TX fees.

Hey, hate to add to this but I’m also having the same issue. My address is 12sfWWojNdZxsTfnK3X7xdUTa1HVLWmVBGxfBZLSDBwbDqdQ8P9NRfb1ebduh8ENLqwdxvRA56bhYgH3YBfsKJ5tDZ6rrr82aDAZuGRfADUa5z9X6mcvGx7kH6rRxyjfLYFTsr3JmUygioxuxtMz.

Thank you!

Hello @Heineken,

No worries, I’ve just sent you 0.5 PRV. Please swap some crypto into PRV to cover future TX fees. I recommend keeping a minimum of 0.5 PRV in each wallet that you use.

Thank you! Much appreciated.

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Hello everyone,

Great news! The automatic airdrop is now working for all new wallets. New users should automatically receive PRV after shielding for the first time. :partying_face:


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