(Pending) Is there literally no way to sell PRV?

I suppose I can now see why the price of PRV is essentially immune to crypto market movement and has stayed stable for months while the greater market has moved quite a bit:

No one can sell PRV.

Swaps fail. When anyone posts in the forum asking about it, they are told there’s no Swap liquidity, and to try a limit order:

But…for all popular coins, there are no PRV buyers.

The order books for ETH, BTC, XMR, ZEC, DOGE, XRP, DASH… have no sell side (i.e. no buyers of PRV.)

The order books for LTC, DAI, USDC don’t even have a PRV option, and require transacting in a different coin.

The only viable option for trading out of PRV is USDT…BUT…

The Problem

As I posted here in a different thread, even when you place an order with an offer price lower than the highest bid, it still doesn’t fill.

This is exactly what is happening now. The order book shows nearly 31k in PRV sitting at a bid of 0.13 USDT, and nearly 8000 PRV being offered at that exact price of .13 USDT or better…

…and nothing is happening. Those orders are all just sitting there, not being filled, despite there being liquidity to fill them.

I asked in the other thread how there could be matching orders (i.e. a buyer with an open bid and a seller with an open offer for the exact coin the buyer’s order is for, at the exact price the buyer has bid), and no fill.

I was told: “Limit orders require that someone else uses swap to activate the limit order.”

This makes absolutely no sense.

But okay…

There’s nearly 31k in PRV sitting at a bid of 0.13 USDT. I attempt a Swap of PRV at a price of 0.1298 USDT… and guess what? It also fails.



Yes, you have to have someone else use swap for your limit order to be filled. But wait…swap doesn’t work so you are told to make a limit order instead. If everyone has to make a limit order then how will the limit orders ever be filled if no one can use swap to fill them?

Not only that, note my last attempt:

So apparently someone initiating a Swap doesn’t even fill working orders from the pDEX.

Hence my question…

If Swap always fails, and Buy/Sell orders require a Swap…HOW CAN I SELL PRV??


Hi Wisco, I share in your frustration! I have only ever used swap here till last night. I attempted 20 swaps for ustd with prv with all but 4 failing, all for $50 or $100 worth of prv. I tried the sell feature (three of the sells on your pic were mine) and all were 100 percent filled by this morning. I posted another 5000 or so for sale this morning and there already 20 percent filled so have patience, a hard thing to say in this market I know. That said, I think this is something that needs to be addressed soon as this is what kills projects like this!


Hello @wisco @slabb @Doug,

The dev team is discussing how to bring a better trade experience. We are also working on the 2024 roadmap and will be releasing it soon.


Hi all. Just a update since this morning. I traded all my prv for usdt through the sell feature by 2pm (11,000+)! So, that works! Not as fast as most of us would like but it caused me to change my strategy on this platform. I had alot of PRV locked in provide for a year and earned a fantastic 40 percent. But, the value dropped so much in that time I would’ve been better off having it in USDT at 10 percent! That plus my frantic experience trying to liquidate my PRV to take advantage of a market low point taught me a lesson, keep most of your liquidity in anything other than PRV! Now i only keep $20 worth of PRV for trade fees and the rest in USDT for swapping (happens almost instant without fail)! I too was freaking out at the possibility of getting stuck with a token you could buy into and not being able to trade out, anywhere! I believe this project provides a huge service and will stick with it, but until these swap bugs and PRV price instability continues my miniscule $1400.00 play money will stay that way! A more serious functional platform would bring alot more serious liquidity. Just my 2 PRV!
Good luck all.


Hi everyone,
Yes, pretty frustrating that you cannot interact with any PRV pool, since most of the liquidities are in these pools.
I have also tried to trade with the CLI according to this guide and they all failed, while swaps in other pools are working. I think I can pretty confidently say that it is not an issue with the app but with the chain/pDex itself.

The sell feature also worked for me as well. I think this is the way forward.


I noticed that the open order history and some historical sell orders have disappeared. I had a few small sell orders that I don’t see and I know they haven’t filled in as I don’t see my USDT balances reflect it. Interestingly, I don’t see the PRV’s being returned in the wallet either.

Is this a bug or we have an ongoing issue? Are others noticing a similar thing?

@Support - please help!

I’m seeing the same—several open Sell orders of PRV for USDT that have disappeared from both the Order Book and Open orders.

Guessing it’s related to the App Update and/or current Swap issue…

See the App Update Notice. The PRV-USDT pool was replaced. You can cancel your orders for the old pool by going to MORE -> Cancel Order


Thanks @yoo, but that only works for orders that are 0% filled. What about those that are partially filled? It doesn’t let me cancel those.

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FWIW, I just checked again, and my partially-filled order was listed under the ‘More > Cancel Order’ page.

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Hey @Jared,
I have a few unfilled orders to sell PRV for USDT.
I see the new “Cancel Order” section in the app.

I have unfilled orders listed in the “PRV/USDT (1633)” does this mean this Pool has been deprecated, hence, my order will not be filled even though there is a buy order that matched my sell order as the same price point?

Hello @Linnovations,

The dev and app teams are attempting to fix pool issues, specifically some related to PRV/USDT. Once these issues are rectified we will let everyone know.


Hey @Jared, thanks for the update and I hope the Devs have a solution soon.
However, I think it’s a little misleading to mark this post as “Resolved” until there is a solution in place to allow us to sell PRV.


Hey @Jared, I have some open orders in the PRV/USDT pool (1633).

I am a little confused, will someone on the Apps team be manually fulfilling these “open orders” that have a matching buy/sell price, or will no action be taken and hence we should “cancel” our open orders?


I’m not seeing any functionality in the swap function. Could you double check that it’s working for you Doug? Also, a single success is not a repeatable process from my perspective and I’m not having repeatable success.

@Jared About a week ago, there was a lot of good functionality that came back to the platform and now it’s at a complete standstill again. Can you provide some visibility into why functionality seems to come and go from swapping Priv definitely in swap, and most of the time in limit orders?

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Hi Joc, been off the platform for awhile but did a prv to ustd swap today without any problems.