Sunsetting Incognito

Hi everyone,

Privacy is a fundamental human right, especially for crypto users. That’s why we’ve been building Incognito to protect it.

After carefully considering the recent events related to other crypto privacy products, we’re announcing the sunset of Incognito.

If you still have cryptoassets on Incognito, please withdraw them within 30 days.

The Incognito community has been a vital part of the development and success of Incognito, and we are incredibly grateful for the 4,000+ nodes worldwide powering the network.

Until next time,
The Incognito Team


I can’t connect to the site to withdraw my funds. I am also waiting for funds to arrive after shielding them a few days ago.

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Will the trade screen be re-enabled?


I want to know too

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I have 3 accounts within Incog. All 3 have Provide capital invested.
2 of my accounts have successfully initiated Provide capital withdrawals.
1 of my account, with the most invested, has an error when trying to initiate a withdrawal. Would there be a prob if the Provide investment is over 500usd?

So if anything is locked in Provide it is just lost?

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I hope we will be able to convert our PRV to a different crypto before the sunset date.

if we are to withdraw funds, do the same rules apply to withdrawing Provide funds? we need a certain number of tokens available to facilitate withdraw, and typically we want to limit how many transactions we do at a time. but if we have 30 days to withdraw, that could make things difficult.

also, you mentioned other projects. i am not familiar with if these stories are good or bad. is there a recommended platform we could migrate to?

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Faucet is not working. Help me acquire some PRV please ?

Public key


Please send your Incognito wallet address and I can send you some PRV.

so people can’t cancel any open trades, and what happens with all of the locked PRV’s in nodes or long-term provide?

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Really sad to hear, incognito has been an outstanding platform and community.


This was very sad to see.


Sad to see you go. Thanks for your Platform 🫥



This was seen coming. Incognito was at its end a long time ago. I am sorry for the people who bought nodes, who now will not be able to withdraw their funds due to the problems (terrible bugs that plagued the design of the application from its inception) and all the money in PRV that they will never be able to convert to a currency and withdraw from the system . All that money goes to the creators of the app in what we would always know would happen in the end: a rug pull.

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Just sent you 1 PRV.

Really sorry to see this go. I’ve followed this project for a few years.

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