(Question) Yet another pDEX/pool issue?

There have been issues in recent months of Swaps being routed through inadequate pools…It seems that is currently the case again. Swaps appear to be going through an XMR pool where even just 10 PRV causes a price impact over 15%, giving horrible ratios.

Why does this keep happening?

Between this recurring issue, and the problem with Swaps not going through at all and the pDEX requiring successful Swaps to even function, the pDEX seems unreliable at the very least.

I am very hesitant to deposit any more funds in pools or Provide, let alone run a node. Someone just made a post today encouraging people to run nodes. I don’t see the point in going to the trouble and making such and investment and putting funds at risk to earn PRV if there’s no reliable to way to sell it.

Is there any way to sell PRV other than the pDEX??

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Hello @wisco,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We understand the issues you’ve mentioned regarding swaps being routed through inadequate pools, particularly the recent incidents involving the XMR pool causing significant price impacts. This is not the experience we want our users to have, and we are actively working to address these challenges.

The ability for any user to create new pools with a value over $10 was implemented to enhance the decentralization and permission-less nature of our platform. While this feature has many benefits, we acknowledge it has inadvertently affected trade paths in ways we did not foresee. Rest assured, we have notified our app development team about the issues with trade routes being impacted and specifically routing through XMR. They are currently investigating and working on a solution to optimize the trade paths and ensure more efficient and fair swaps.

Regarding your concerns about swaps not going through and the functionality of the pDEX, we are aware of these issues. As indicated in the post you referenced, which is still marked as ‘(Pending)’, our app team is diligently working through these problems to enhance the reliability and performance of the pDEX.

We also understand your hesitation to deposit more funds, participate in pools, Provide, or run a node under these circumstances. Our team is committed to creating a robust and reliable platform. The encouragement to run nodes is part of our ongoing effort to strengthen our network, but we fully recognize that each member of our community must make decisions that best fit their comfort and risk tolerance.

Lastly, we want to inform you that our development team is in the process of finalizing our next roadmap. This roadmap will outline our upcoming initiatives and improvements, addressing many of the concerns raised by our community, including enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the pDEX.


Thank you for the listened response Jared. I appreciate your diligence in following up with all the posters here.

And while I also appreciate that you addressed each of the issues I raised, I couldn’t help but notice my main question was not. I’m led to assume that means the answer is no. But I’ll ask again for confirmation:

Is there any way to publicly sell PRV other than the pDEX?

Yes, there is. You may unshield PRV to BSC and sell them on PancakeSwap. Selling high number of PRVs probably will result in high slippage. If that bothers you, you may use limit order feature of Pancakeswap and wait someone to fill your order.

Swap page for PRV/BNB: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=BNB&inputCurrency=0xB64fde8f199F073F41c132B9eC7aD5b61De0B1B7

Limit order page for PRV/BNB: https://pancakeswap.finance/limit-orders?outputCurrency=BNB&inputCurrency=0xB64fde8f199F073F41c132B9eC7aD5b61De0B1B7

You may change output currency as you wish.


Along with @abduraman’s reply, we have also been listed on NonKYC. However, while these pools have been created they need to be funded by users.

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