(Answered) Bitcoin shown as too low

Not sure if it is for whatever scummy reason intentional or not, but the BTC price is currently stuck at 51k USD on Incognito Wallet, while on other platforms its already at 56k USD (Kucoin) or at 52k EUR (Trade Republic). What is going on? Why is it so low here? Are you going to fix this?

Welcome to the Incognito community! :partying_face: We’re delighted to have you and appreciate your inquiry about the BTC price discrepancies you’ve noticed.

The variation in BTC prices between Incognito Wallet and other platforms is due to our unique order book system, reflecting real-time user-driven market dynamics. This isn’t indicative of any malintent but a characteristic of decentralized exchanges where prices are influenced by the buy and sell orders within the network.

For a thorough understanding of how our network operates, including trades and swaps, we recommend the following resources:

We’re here to support your journey in the privacy-focused crypto world. Should you have further questions, feel free to reach out.

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