How to contribute liquidity and earn rewards

Think people should be able to buy and sell crypto without being spied on? Excellent. This tutorial will show you how to contribute liquidity and earn rewards for helping people trade privately.

How it works

When you contribute liquidity to any pair, you earn trading fees in those currencies, e.g. USDT and XMR.

1. Join a reward-earning pool

The real-time APR represents current earnings from trading fees of that pair. A liquidity pool consists of a pair of 2 tradable currencies. To join a pool, both sides of the pair must be contributed, at a rate determined by the current trading price.

APR adapts in real-time based on 2 factors – liquidity and trading volume of a particular pool. The formula for determining APR is trading fees earned over 1 year (extrapolated from the last 7 days), divided by current pool liquidity. APR does not take into account any impermanent loss.

To see a list of reward earning pools and their respective APRs, access the Earn tab from bottom bar.

Tap on a pair to contribute liquidity for it.

Once you’ve contributed liquidity, you’ll see it reflected on this page. Here you’ll see all the pools you’ve invested in, and the rewards you’ve earned (a total of fees collected).

2. Contribute or remove liquidity any time

Simply tap on the pair to pull up details of your contribution. You’ll be given the option to invest more, or remove your contribution.

3. Manage your rewards

Rewards are paid out every block (~40s). They do not compound, and can be withdrawn at any time from the rewards tab.

The main screen of the Rewards tab displays your reward totals in USD, but to see currency-specific earnings, just tap on the relevant pair. You’ll see the fees you’ve earned.

Invest more, or withdraw your rewards.

What’s next?

We’re building out this feature and will be adding more varied ways to earn rewards. Watch this space!

Note to old hands: This is the ‘Add’ function reworked (2-sided liquidity contribution, now with rewards). ‘Provide’ is still functional and can be accessed from the ‘More’ tab.


You should mention yields are backward looking and represent the annualised average of the percentage of total rewards against total liquidity value within the last 7 days and that yields change with general market / trading activity.


We’ve just changed the UI to make the feature more visible. The original tutorial is also updated correspondingly.
A note for APR was added to the app as well as the topic, thanks for your suggestion @SPAddict25.