Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 5.24.22

Quick take

  • :star2: Exposure: Last week, Incognito was highlighted on many Fantom community channels. Haven’t noticed the social wave? No worries, check out FantomHub and Blog and spread the word.

  • :black_circle: Worldwide Integration: Yearn finance joins in the privacy race. Your retweet really supports Incognito’s growth.

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Recent Developments


  • Instant Finality: Local testing phase has been completed. This feature is currently in the process of being tested in the testnet2 environment.

Incognito app

  • The latest version of the app is now available in your mobile app. Make sure your app is updated to v5.2.7 for better performance and higher security improvement Read more >

Upcoming Developments

Incognito web-based application

  • Have you noticed that the upcoming Wallet Extension will allow you to interact with the Incognito chain on Chrome and Firefox browsers? Additionally, Web-based applications will also facilitate self-control over shielding/unshielding processes by using the Metamask wallet.

    Check out the detailed proposal >

Growth Efforts

  • Q1 App survey concluded and we will keep working on improving the user experience based on your feedback. Check out the action list >

  • dApp integration is still on track. Head up to our Twitter channel to make sure that you will not miss any big player on the ground.

  • Incognito will be listed on well-known data aggregation sites. Expose Incognito to the world >

  • Is it hard for new users to understand Incognito? No worries, @Luke is producing an ‘ELI5’ (explain it like I’m 5) kind of introductory video.

Need your help

Many new tokens have gone Incognito. In order to trade tokens anonymously, liquidity is a must. Become a liquidity provider and help people trade with freedom.

That’s all for this week’s update. Thank you everyone for your contribution to the network and community.

See you around.