Start here 4 - The PRV Economy

Quick grasp

  • Privacy (PRV) is the native coin of Incognito.

  • Total supply: 100M Privacy (PRV).

  • PRV is mined through block rewards. Block rewards are reduced by 9% for every subsequent year. PRV will be fully mined after 40 years.

  • To earn block rewards, you need to become a network validator (run a Node). Read more >

  • Network Explorer:

The basics

Here’s a collection of everything you need to know about PRV :prv:

  • The economic model of PRV - The total supply of PRV is 100 Million, which will be released over a total of 40 years. You can find a detailed explanation of the token model at the link.

  • DEX, the native exchange for PRV - PRV powers the Incognito network, and its home is our permissionless, privacy-focused DEX. Learn about the DEX and how to use it here.

  • Third-party exchanges - For the time being, beside Incognito native exchange, PRV can also be traded on third-party exchange, PancakeSwap.

  • Network Explorer/Data Hub - For all the data you could dream of, you’ll want to bookmark built by the core-team, or built by community builders. They’re complete with price and candlestick charts, trades and trading volume monitors, a network explorer, and more.

  • The monthly PRV report - The Incognito core team provides a monthly update letter highlighting changes in key Growth metrics (like trading volume, shielding volume, liquidity, and more) over the past month.

  • Where to get PRV - A quick tutorial on how to get PRV for yourself.

Utilities of PRV

What’s next? Take your action

1. Get the app

Appl%20store google-play-badge%7C Download APK

2. Shield your tokens to Incognito network. Link >

3. Get free PRV by faucet. Link >

4. Get even more and invest in PRV. Link >

Happy earning!