Start here 3 - Learn to use Incognito mobile app

Hey! The mobile app is one the most user-friendly ways for you to interact with Incognito chain. Let’s learn how to use it!

1. Install the app

Appl%20store google-play-badge%7C Download APK

2. Save your private keys

:warning: Must do! Unless you have done this required backup, please do not take any other action in the app.

With the Incognito wallet, 12-word seed phrase and/or private keys are the only way to get access into your funds and spend it. If you lose your phone and want to restore the funds, or ever need to access your wallets on other devices, you can securely do so only by importing these keys.

Therefore, it’s imperative that the first thing you do is back them up in a safe place that will only be accessible to you.

Walkthrough how to back up your private keys >

Tutorial video >

3. Learn to use the app features

Below are the core app features for an end-user like you. Click each link to be taken to a quick tutorial for that feature.

:sos: Need support?

If you have a trouble using Incognito app, here are 2 ways to get support:

:gift: Need some PRV to pay your first transaction fees? Use Faucet function.

That’s all. Wish you a wonderful time with the app!

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