Privacy Upgrade for $ANN - Annex Finance

Hi everyone,

We appreciate having you accompany us along the way to return privacy back to the crypto assets as well as crypto activities. Within a few weeks, we received positive responses from projects we reached, indicating deeper interest in Privacy.

With the use of blockchain technology, crypto transactions are all recorded on public ledgers, displaying amounts involved and inscribing virtual identities of their senders and receivers. Although your identity may just be a wallet address, this ledger of transactions is public, which means a real lack of privacy. Incognito is a revolutionary solution to the privacy issue faced by most cryptocurrencies, making privacy ubiquitous, inclusive, and accessible for businesses and everyday users.

Today, please welcome Annex Finance Team to join the club. It is a lending/borrowing platform for cryptocurrencies. The project goal is to bridge the traditional lending platform for BSC, ETH, CRONOS and Poly network bringing the network closer to each other, starting on BSC, CRONOS.

Although Annex finance is not the first decentralized financial platform to try to bridge the gap between traditional lending platforms and blockchains. Annex Finance benefits from the lessons learned from these previous initiatives, resulting in a much-enhanced platform

To enforce the project’s commitment to the benefit of the community. Annex Finance launched with the following:

  • BEP20, CRC20 tokens swap & Liquidity Mining.
  • Borrowing cryptocurrencies and stablecoins with collateralized lending through the BSC and CRONOS network.
  • Supply cryptocurrencies and stablecoins and earn variable APY for providing liquidity to the protocol.
  • $ANN serves as a governance token for the community, as well as a support token for any future projects. Also, the Annex Finance Team repurchases $ANN from the market which helps $ANN holders get a direct share of protocol incomes using the DeFi 3.0 vault.
  • Liquidity will be managed by smart contracts, and only stakeholders will have access to their own money. A security audit will be conducted as quickly as feasible to provide investors with peace of mind that all money is secure.

It is reasonable to say that Annex Team develops the most in-need products for the community:

  • Annex Auction
    Annex Finance has pioneered a new mechanism of onboarding projects to the Annex Swap exchange. The primary feature of Annex Auction is that it offers Initial Liquidity Providers for new listing tokens at low rates and keeps the auction token price higher than the listing price.

  • Annex Lending
    The Annex Lending protocol has developed a collateral token known as aToken which represents the unit of the collateral given, may be used as a redemption mechanism, are produced, and executed by Governance procedures, and are voted on by Annex Token holders.

  • Annex Finance’s Automated Market Maker (DEX)
    Annex also has an Automated Market Maker (AMM) DEX component, allowing users to trade and mint LP tokens.

  • NFT Marketplace
    Marketplace where users will be able to purchase, sell, and swap NFTs. Users will be able to mint NFTs using Annex Finance’s NFT minting tool. Annex Finance’s native token, ANN, will be utilized to bid on for-sale NFTs.

The backbone of everything - $ANN Token
The native cryptocurrency - $ANN - is among the most important ones. The platform will employ $ANN as a governance mechanism. $ANN plays the role as both liquidity and collateral at the same time. Moreover, it also has additional use cases, such as the ability to buy and sell NFTs and Auction money. It can be:

  • supplied via lending. This will earn more $ANN and even allow using your $ANN as collateral at 50% of total $ANN value.

  • left in the wallet to get epoch rewards. 0.2% daily fixed APR The only requirement is not to remove $ANN from your wallet until after 30 days from entry, to claim rewards.

  • used in Annex DeFi 3.0 vault together with a minimum of 1 AIW NFTS to earn a portion of the total $14,000 DAILY REWARDS paid in USDC/BUSD (100% APY)

  • used in NFT marketplace to buy or sell NFTs

  • used to buy lottery tickets in the future - stay tuned.

Incognito not only helps add privacy layer to Crypto Activities relating to $ANN but also create a new opportunity for passive income seekers. Liquidity Providers now earn trading fee & get an attractive APR for providing liquidity for these asset pairs

Let’s download the Incognito wallet, then start shielding $ANN to buy, sell, send, receive, store or even swap your favorite Crypto Asset.

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