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To me, current pDEX trade pairs are not attractive to traders since not all bridged currencies have stablecoin pairs. In the bear market, traders cannot convert their assets into the stablecoins easily. Most of the bridged currencies require two-step trade: 1-convert it to PRV, 2-convert it to a stablecoin

There is one more problem. Some bridged currencies have a pair with USDT, some are with USDC and some with DAI etc. Yes, there should be stablecoins pair but only one stablecoin (USDT like in Binance) should have pairs with all bridged currencies.


That being said, to make it more attractive to users, do you think pdex should have more pairs between the bridged currencies like pBTC - pETH, pBTC - pBNB,…?


100% definitely better. More users of Incognito will use as a primary wallet if the tokens or coins they are using are listed in the pairs. :smile::pray:


Exactly, popular pairs in addition to stablecoin pairs would be better.


Hey guys, happy to share that cross-pair trading is live on the Incognito DEX.

Trade anonymously any coin to any even if they do not have direct liquidity pools. Find more about the implementation here: Cross-pair trading is live!

  • Browse all available coins here
  • List your coin or token on the Incognito DEX in 20 min. Tutorial is here

Amazing implementation!