Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 4.19.22


Let’s celebrate Incognito on a new all time high of $1M in 24h trading volume on Thursday 4/14. This is a huge milestone for our efforts as a whole. Thank you for all your support, privacy fellows! :partying_face: :tada: :rocket:

Also, have you noticed that Incognito is now an official partner with the Fantom and Polygon project and is added to their whole ecosystem maps. If you are a FTM and MATIC holder, feel free to turn on incognito mode for your assets. :handshake: :black_circle:

What else for the past week? Check it out.

Recent Developments

Incognito app

  • Last week, we released a hotfix to resolve the problem with the ​​withdrawal function for the locked staking. If you are suffering from this unexpected issue, please make sure to update your app to version 5.2.3, then the issue will be automatically solved. More info regarding hotfix >

Privacy apps

  • Unified pTokens: As promised, we’re excited to share with you the UI-UX design for Unified pTokens. We would like to have your feedback regarding this amazing feature.

    Review our work and have a say >


  • Blockchain storage reduction: Testing and benchmarking work have been done. Make sure you are aware of the level of improvement by reading through our detailed report.

    If you are a Node validator, we also provide you with an instruction to run 3 new database modes. Check it out >

  • Committee size change: One of the biggest upgrades of the infrastructure layer last week is that we increased the committee size to 48 aka reduced fixed node dominance to 46%. We believe that this is a huge move toward the total decentralization of the network which is known as one of the most critical purposes that we’ve been making all efforts to achieve.

    Haven’t noticed this change? Read our announcement here >

Upcoming Developments

Incognito app

Thank you so much, community members, for using the app and contributing good ideas to make the app better. Here are 2 upgrades that we are planning to do in the coming releases:

  • Show trade history in swap function proposed by @yoo: Instead of automatically showing all transaction history that might slow down the speed of app loading, we are gathering all under an individual button. If users want to see their history, simply tap on that button to unhide the records.

  • CSV file adjustment proposed by @Linnovations: We are adjusting the way to show Date and Time file to align with the international format, and adding one more column that provides id for each transaction in the CSV file.

Privacy apps

  • Unified pTokens: The alpha release will still be available by the end of this month. Anyone who has been waiting for this mind-blowing feature can take time to get used to the new UI/UX, while the team has more time to test all the fundamental functionalities carefully prior to the official launch in May, 2022 .

Growth Efforts

  • This week is expected to be a hustle and bustle week for growth activities when the team is running a cross-marketing campaign with well-known teams 1-2 weeks: Polygon, Fantom, and Zilliqa. Stay tuned for our channel, so you won’t miss any big tweets from our partners.

  • More 4 calls have been scheduled for this week with Stafi.io, QiDAO, Yoshi.exchange, and Symbiosis.finance. If you are interested in these dApps and want to use them privately, we truly need your help to share about Incognito within these project communities, so the partnerships have more chances to succeed.

  • Provide liquidity and earn rewards on your contribution now. Thanks @Jared so much for making this intuitive tutorial video.

What’s next?

:bridge_at_night: As far as we’ve noticed, Near and Terra are the 2 networks that support the projects built on their chains and expand the whole ecosystems. What do you think if Incognito builds bridges to those networks? :thinking: Comment below :point_down:

Huge week filled with achievements on both Development and Growth sides. Thanks for being willing to spread a word about the Incognito solution for crypto.

See you next Tuesday!


I think really good things :joy: To me, Terra means native UST. I’m looking forward to seeing Terra bridge.


The good thing is that we’re currently in close discussion with a member of Terra team :wink: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: Terra is pretty open to the integration with other projects, that’s a good start. So I guess one of the strongest conditions that inceases the chance for this collaboration to happen is the support from both communities. At the end of the day, we try to serve users’ needs as much as possible.
@Jared is one of the users who support the bridge Incognito >< Terra the most :slightly_smiling_face: :joy:

We will update the community once we have a positive signal from the discussion. (and I will DM you when thing happens, Abduraman :slight_smile: )


Nice work, team! Impressed with all you’re doing. We can feel the momentum picking up again. Looking forward to the rest of 2022.


I 100% agree with you @abduraman, I can’t wait to say goodbye to centralised US backed coins like :tether: & :usdc: and hello to :terra: on the Incognito Network.


Hey @Ducky, have you considered running a poll to test questions like this… Near versus Terra?

You could do it for free using a Twitter poll and then you could link to the poll in this post. That way you can get some quantitative numbers. Just a thought.

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Where should we have polls?

  • Right here, on this forum!
  • On Twitter
  • Myspace
  • In person, once a month at @Ducky’s place

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Just voted for the 4th option :rofl:


Why not here on the forum and also on Twitter? :slight_smile:

2022-04-20T22:00:00Z we will launch a poll both on our Twitter account and here on the forum.


I’m impressed with what the team have been doing too :joy:

Same idea with @Jared. He keeps saying about centralized vs decentralized stable coins and the need to integrate UST to Incognito.

Good point, mate! As said, @Jared will open a public poll on our Twitter soon tmr and share with us. I personally hope that we will see a bunch of Terra and Near users to have a vote on the poll :slight_smile: We will see.

Haha how cute your poll is! :kissing_heart: Thanks for giving me a Duck space!!
Btw I love your profile =)) duck fellow!

Thanks for your admiration :slight_smile:


@Linnovations @fredlee @everyone

The vote is live both here on the forum and on our Twitter account.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IncognitoChain/status/1516899730890104836?s=20&t=xgAYQihCOrLuSZYq7gcdlQ



I think running the poll in both platforms is perfect. Not everyone will see the Forum Poll and vice versa.

But that said having it on Twitter does have a BIG advantage, it allows for tagging of the other project (via @mentions and #hashtags ), this will help with discoverability of the Tweet and thus has the potential to draw in a lot more fresh eyeballs (noobs) from the other project(s) mentioned in the tweet to learn more about what Incognito is planning on doing - Growth Marketing :heart: