Harvest Finance (FARM) is now ready on Incognito


Starting today, Harvest Finance ($FARM) is ready on Incognito Privacy Exchange and in the Incognito Android and iOS apps. Both Harvest Finance & Incognito communities can now privately send, receive, or store pFARM (private version of FARM).

Trading for the asset requires Liquidty, which is great chance for Liquidity Providers to join and earn the Trading Reward.

  • Harvest Finance (FARM) is an Ethereum token that powers Harvest Finance, a yield optimizer that moves funds around the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem in an effort to generate high yields. FARM can be used for staking and yield farming on Harvest Finance.

  • Besides being an asset management platform which seeks to maximize yield for assets deposited into Harvest vaults, the Harvest Finance Protocol’s vaults also execute various yield farming strategies; the profits from these strategies are split between liquidity providers and rewarding users staked in their profit sharing pool.

  • $FARM Metrics:
    Token Name: FARM Token.
    Ticker: FARM.
    Blockchain: Ethereum.
    Token Standard: ERC-20
    Contract: 0xa0246c9032bc3a600820415ae600c6388619a14d
    Token Type: Governance.

One of the most common requests we hear from Incognito Community is to be able to buy and sell more cryptocurrencies on Privacy Exchange as well as Store or Swap more Crypto Asset anonymously.

Today we announce an incognito mode for $FARM traders/ supporters to cross-chain swap it for another asset anonymously together with a great opportunity for $FARM supporter to provide liquidity for FARM/ PRV Pool, designed in part to accelerate the addition of more cryptocurrencies and to help add Privacy Layer to Crypto Activities.

Let’s download the Incognito wallet, then start shielding $FARM to buy, sell, send, receive, store or even swap your favorite Crypto Asset.

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I don’t have any FARM elsewhere, but I don’t even see it as a verified coin to shield into incognito. SOL isn’t a verified coin yet either (maybe it’s bridge isn’t ready yet?)

Hi Yoo, you have a good day! Yes, For now… please add the $FARM manually and tick on the box “Show Unverified Coins” to proceed further for shielding $FARM, even the “interest bearing token” $iFarm is ready for shielding too

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@yoo, We are working with the devs to get both FARM and iFARM verified. Sorry about that, looks like we missed it before launch.

Hi @yoo, could you please retry? $FARM & $iFARM appears as verified assets now.

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