Where to get PRV

Privacy (PRV) is the native coin of the Incognito Network. Validators work to secure the first and only proof-of-stake privacy blockchain, and earn a share of its current and future income.

To be a validator, you need to stake the minimum 1,750 PRV. Project supporters can acquire PRV in these ways:

1. Buy PRV on the pDEX

The Incognito pDEX is the first completely anonymous decentralized exchange. It can be accessed from the Incognito wallet. Download the latest version here:



Users can purchase PRV with over 30 top cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BNB, DAI, USDC, and more.


[Learn more about the pDEX]

2. Run a Node to earn PRV

Validators on the Incognito network earn block rewards in PRV. The easiest way to power the network and earn is through the plug & play physical node device. The device uses funded PRV for the required 1750 PRV stake.



If you’ve got a DIY mentality and are comfortable working with a couple of lines of code however, you can run an Incognito Node on your computer, or on a cloud instance such as AWS. For this option, you’ll need 1750 PRV to stake per Node yourself.


3. Propose a project to receive a PRV grant

Calling all builders! If you’ve got a cool idea you’d like to build, apply for funding to make it happen.

Anyone can apply, and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.


Here’s more information about PRV.