Announcement: MATIC/ PRV liquidity pool migration

Hi everyone!

As we’ve officially announced the integration with Fantom and Polygon networks, we would like to kick off the FTM/PRV and MATIC/PRV liquidity pools, so our users can have a chance to trade their FTM and MATIC anonymously in Incognito exchange.

:polygon: :prv: MATIC/PRV pool

The current pool for MATIC/PRV pair is applied for MATIC (ERC-20) shielded from the Ethereum chain. Being aware of the advantage of much lower transaction fee that Polygon chain offers to users, we’ve decided to migrate the liquidity pool of MATIC (ERC-20) to MATIC (Polygon). Now that users can utilize both the low fee of Polygon chain and anonymous trade of Incognito chain.

:fantom: :prv: FTM/PRV pool

The liquidity pool for FTM/ PRV pair has been live for a week. We’re adding liquidity mining rewards to it, so anyone who provides liquidity to help people trade anonymously will earn a profit on their contribution. Feel free to cross-chain swap your FTM to any favorite token without worrying about identity revelation.

How to trade on Incognito exchange >

:loudspeaker: :speaker: Provide liquidity for FTM or MATIC and earn up to 20% APR interest on your contribution. Have you noticed that? Check it out >

ETA: New pools & equivalent liquidity mining rewards will be available by the end of Saturday, April 30.

Thanks for reading the announcement!
Happy trading!


FTM (Fantom) / PRV pool already exists for 1+ week. Will that pool be kept? Or did somebody other than the core team create that pool?


Yep, you’re right. The FTM/PRV pool will be kept, we will just add liquidity mining rewards for it :relaxed:

Let me edit the post to make it clearer.



  • Liquidity pool for MATIC (Polygon)/PRV pair has been added successfully.
  • Liquidity mining rewards for MATIC/PRV and FTM/PRV pairs are now available. Simply access the pool via Earn tab in the app and start earning profit on top of your liquidity contribution.

Thank you for helping people swap anonymously.


WooHooo!!!..awesome… :100: :sunglasses: