Incognito Exchange Liquidity Mining

Hello Incognito supporters,

After mining rewards for pPancake, we are excited to announce that liquidity mining for the Incognito exchange has also launched. Liquidity providers can now earn PRV taken from Incognito DAO in addition to trading fees.

The following are the initial parameters of liquidity mining. They are, again, subject to change depending on the exchange’s situations (e.g. marketing and partnership strategies).

  • 50% of DAO is for the liquidity mining rewards.

  • 80% of the liquidity mining rewards are for liquidity providers (LPs), 20% for limit order placers (yes, a user also earns rewards once his/her orders are filled).

  • Distribution percents from the rewards for pools are shown in the following table:

Token 1 Token 2 Percent Est APR for LPs
(from liquidity mining rewards only)
PRV BTC 19% 8.69%
PRV ETH 17% 8.94%
PRV XMR 17% 8.18%
PRV USDT 20% 8.85%
PRV LTC 5% 7.05%
PRV BNB (BSC) 4% 8.60%
PRV MATIC (ERC20) 4% 7.89%
PRV DASH 1% 9.70%
PRV ZEC 1% 7.15%
USDT USDC 4% 5.95%
USDT DAI 4% 5.93%
USDT BUSD (BSC) 4% 5.95%

The estimated APRs are based on liquidity and token prices at the time of writing.

The rewards are accumulated into PRV collected on the Earn > Rewards page in the app.

It is our goal to have the community vote on the reward split and percentages, however, the mechanism to do this is not currently designed.

So how do you take advantage of this? Do you need to update the app? Nope, this was rolled out on the backend and is live right now. Feel free to check it out and make some trades.

Thank you!


What about this? @duc For example, if I put 100 USDC sell with 1 USDT price for USDC/USDT, it waited for six months without being filled (even partially) and was sold at 180th day completely, how much would I earn? PRV equivalent of 100 * 0.0595 * 180 / 365 USDC?

Limit order placers would only get rewards of the epoch their orders are filled.

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App only shows 2% APR

The APR is calculated using the reward (trading fee + liquidity mining) earned in the previous 7 days. Liquidity mining was activated 2 days ago, therefore it will take some time (next 5 days) for the estimated APY to show.


Thanks, just saw they’ve been updated

Will limit orders also get rewards if made by the incognito-cli? And how can one claim the rewards using the incognito-cli?

Will limit orders also get rewards if made by the incognito-cli?

Yes, regardless of which tool is used to create the add order transaction. There will be order rewards if the order is submitted to the Incognito chain and it is matched (of course, the order must also be in the mentioned liquidity mining pairs)

And how can one claim the rewards using the incognito-cli?

You can withdraw all pool rewards (LP reward, order reward) by this command (need to input the privateKey, pairID, and nftID)