Incognito Mode for FantomOpera's Star - LiquidDriver - $LQDR

Hi everyone,

It’s my pleasure coming back to you with new project to join Incognito Privacy Network. As you know, Fantom has been making waves in the DeFi space with its high-performance technology and sustainable partnerships aimed to establish Fantom as the ideal platform for DeFi developers to build on.

Each key component of the network is akin to a lego set, holding all the necessary needed for digital assets to flourish on the platform. Fantom Network demonstrates how it shapes up to be a leading infrastructure for the DeFi space. With extra-low fees (0.0001$), high speeds, scalability, and security. Fantom provides the ideal architecture for building dApps. However, one last block of lego is missing to complete this: Liquidity. And Liquid Driver Finance, a high-yield liquidity mining dApp incentivizing liquidity providers, serves as an agent fulfilling the missing lego ($LQDR token).

Liquid Driver aims to foster innovation, development and integration so users can experience the sheer power of DeFi, combined with the seamlessness of a CeFi experience. The team is founded to prevent the following:

  • Whales manipulate the game with sizable funds and dumping on other stakers.
  • Intensive token emission ultimately leading to price suppression.
  • Liquidity providers for non-$LQDR pairs bear less risk and are inclined to “farm and dump.”

Liquid Driver also leverages solutions to fix the above-mentioned issues and reward liquidity providers proportionally to the risk they face by using method such as: Value-capturing mechanism which means the “interest bearing asset” - $xLQDR holders should have a share of the fees generated by the protocol, which requires users to lock their $LQDR.

Any other features Liquid Driver Team introduces to the community will have to contribute to adding value for holders. The team is currently exploring two main avenues: Decentralized Launchpad, Liquidity Driver DEX.

Like Incognito, LQDR Team believes that collaboration is more valuable than competition. This time, Incognito have the chance to not only add privacy layer to Crypto Activities relating to $LQDR but also create a new opportunity for passive income seekers! Liquidity Providers now earn trading fee & get an attractive APR for providing liquidity for $LQDR pairs

Let’s download the Incognito wallet, then start shielding $LQDR to buy, sell, send, receive, store or even swap your favorite Crypto Asset.

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