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Yearn Finance, Top Yielding Token - $pYFI - is READY!

Greetings! Hard work pays off! We’re pleased to announce $YFI from Yearn Finance – top earning platform on Fantom mainnet– is now ready to be shielded into Incognito, marking the first collaboration between Yearn Financ…

4 May 18, 2022
The FantOHM DAO Governance Token - $FHM - is now ready!

Greetings everyone! Let’s enjoy the good vibe when new crypto asset is listed on Incognito, which means that: Privacy is promoted deeper in Decentralized Network. Starting today, $FHM is ready in the Incognito Android a…

1 May 16, 2022
Fantom Decentralized Reserve Currency - $USDB is now ready

Greeting everyone! It’s a pleasure bringing good news to the community: USDB stablecoin is ready! Starting today, USDB ($USDB) is ready in the Incognito Android and iOS apps. Both communities can now privately send, rec…

8 May 15, 2022
Incognito Mode for $BOO from SpookySwap is ready!

Greetings! :smiley: , Hello, it feels so good to bring news again. As you know: One of the common requests we hear from the Community is to be able to buy & sell more cryptocurrencies anonymously. Today, we take a clos…

1 May 12, 2022
Harvest Finance (FARM) is now ready on Incognito

Greeting! Starting today, Harvest Finance ($FARM) is ready on Incognito Privacy Exchange and in the Incognito Android and iOS apps. Both Harvest Finance & Incognito communities can now privately send, receive, or store…

5 May 11, 2022 trust levels

Like many other forum-based community sites, Incognito operates according to trust levels. The following system is essential to guard against spam, protect our community, and ensure the quality of conversation remains hi…

1 June 2, 2020
Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 5.17.22

Quick take :construction_worker_man: Roadmap: Incognito Development team published the official Q2 Roadmap. New web-based products and utilities for privacy will surely blow your mind. Check it out > :paperclip: App…

2 May 17, 2022
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