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Join the Privacy Quest, earn PRIZES

You’re invited on a Privacy Quest! Solve clues to find hidden codes and win prizes of BTC, PRV, XMR, Nodes, and more. Sound good? Let’s get to it. How to play The premise is simple. First, you’ll need your Incognito ap…

116 November 28, 2020
A better prize wheel (26 November)

Note: This topic was originally posted before the launch of the prize wheel, and its contents announced around the forum and in the app. The topic has since been updated to reflect the active status of the wheel. Thou…

49 November 28, 2020 trust levels

Like many other forum-based community sites, Incognito operates according to trust levels. The following system is essential to guard against spam, protect our community, and ensure the quality of conversation remains hi…

1 June 2, 2020
Calling for Incognito Rebels!

Howdy, folks! First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone for joining the Incognito community, building amazing products and contributing breakthrough ideas to help the community thrive. If you would like t…

25 November 26, 2020
Privacy Quest - What prizes can I win?

So you want to join the Privacy Quest? Awesome! If you haven’t already, take a look at how to play, and get familiar with the rules. If you just want to know what you can win, read on! A big quest with big prizes To…

35 November 25, 2020
Badge Rewards program closes, a new chapter starts

Hi everyone, It has been such an amazing year to have you all join in building a healthy community. Thank you for being enthusiastic about the Incognito family throughout the 1st year of the project! :black_heart: Give…

12 November 23, 2020
Your thoughts on the app: a quick October survey

Hi everyone! We’re now reaching the end of a very busy Q3, so we wanted to check in. How is the Incognito app is treating you? Has it improved since Q2? How do you feel about the new features? As with all polls, you’ll …

40 October 29, 2020
Request for input: help shape our growth and development strategy

What can we do to stand out, and make more privacy-focused users aware of our extensive feature set and unique tech? This month, the growth team will be out in the wilds recruiting new users based on these 2 key produ…

5 October 3, 2020
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