I want to run nodes

I want to join the network and run my nodes. Also, I might put my token to Provide to get the reward.
I have a concern: Is this project still working (in terms of long-term development)? Sorry to ask this question, but it seems the community is not active.
Thank you.

Welcome to the Incognito community! :raised_hands:

It’s great to hear about your interest in joining and running nodes. Regarding the Incognito blockchain, it is indeed in active development. You can verify this by checking out their GitHub repository.

The crypto community has certainly seen quieter times following events like FTX and others. Such incidents have had widespread impacts across both the general crypto landscape as well as private crypto, with Incognito also feeling the effects. That said, PRV is currently priced at $0.1307, which, while below its all-time high, is above its all-time low, suggesting some level of stabilization.

It’s important to keep in mind that after big shake-ups in the industry, communities may take time to recover and rebuild. However, the recent price point of PRV could be seen as an opportunity, depending on your investment strategy and outlook on the project’s potential.

There are upcoming pNode giveaways slated for December and January, which are anticipated to attract new users and reinvigorate the community. Such initiatives reflect the ongoing efforts to expand the network and foster active participation, which is a positive sign for both current and prospective members looking to contribute to and grow with the Incognito ecosystem. Keep an eye out for these events as they can be a great opportunity to get more involved.

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Hello krypton👋

I’m the project lead for a coin here and we are active. Incognito pDex and the support staff are great! Working on crypto projects sometimes don’t allow me and my team much time in the community but we are here. We wish you well in your crypto endeavor.

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