[Coin Verification] Haven Protocol (XHV)

Hello Incognito @Committee and community

Haven Protocol (XHV) is a #DeFi ecosystem of private, stable assets. It created the world’s first private, algorithmic stablecoin $xUSD

Project / Team introduction

The team consists of three developers, eight community managers, and nine members of the oversight committee. The total number of team members is seventeen.

Developers: .neac, Goshiz, Marty
Community managers: xℤaɃ, xDimitris, mash, thatonekid, Enzodellasiglia, Drayan, xKleinroy, xHarlequin
Oversight committee: .neac, xDimitris, xHarlequin, xKleinroy, xrobin, rEPt0id, xbullterrivel, xℤaɃ, xDougieWatts

Haven Protocol was started by two anonymous developers in Feb 2018. Over the course of the next year it became clear that they were unable to complete the project and deliver a working product. At that time a group of the Haven community came together to finally fulfill the promise of what we believed to be one of the most important and potentially disruptive financial technologies in the space. In July 2020, the world’s first and only private stablecoin, xUSD was launched to Haven’s mainnet.

You can read all the details on the project history in https://havenprotocol.org/knowledge/project-team-history/

Coin Name: Haven Protocol (XHV)

Coin Description:

Haven Protocol was created in Feb 2018. It was created to build a decentralised algorithmic stable coin based on Monero.

The purpose of such a coin is to hold wealth, in crypto, without volatility. Users convert from XHV, a form of private treasury note, to xUSD, the world’s first private algorithmic stablecoin. xUSD is converted to other private assets (xAssets) like xAG (Silver), xAU (Gold), xBTC (Bitcoin), xCNY (Yuan), xEUR (Euro), etc.

Haven ensures 1 xUSD can always be converted to $1 worth of XHV on the blockchain regardless of the price of xUSD on public exchanges.

xUSD can be obtained from TradeOgre

XHV can be obtained from TradeOgre and CoinEX

Haven has elastic supply of XHV, xUSD, and xAssets. XHV is burned to mint xUSD and xAssets.

There are currently
30,765,491 XHV coins
14,371,735 xUSD
9,560 xAG
73 xAU
53 xBTC
and more xAssets like xEUR, xCNY.

XHV has a $3,691,859 marketcap.
xAssets have a $16,329,143 marketcap.

Website: https://havenprotocol.org/

White Paper Link: https://havenprotocol.org/app/uploads/2020/12/Haven-Protocol-White-Paper-v3-English.pdf

Social Media Links:
Twitter https://twitter.com/havenxhv
Discord https://discord.com/invite/CCtNxfG
Blog https://havenprotocol.org/category/blog/

Roadmap https://havenprotocol.org/roadmap/


8.6% every 14 days arbing xUSD from $0.12 to $1 https://xusdx.com/currency
921.7% APY