Project Activities

What is the latest with this project? Do we have 2024 roadmap? Anyone buying PRV?

Hello @taruneldho,

Please see my Telegram response:

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Would it be possible to copy & paste your response from Telegram to this thread? I don’t use Telegram but I am interested in any news that concerns Incognito. I imagine others would find this useful, too.

Thanks for considering!

Yes of course!

Hi everyone, I want to assure you that our project is making steady progress. The app and development teams are actively working on our upcoming roadmap. This includes taking into account user feedback to focus on key areas, such as the potential addition of $NERVA (forum suggestion:, TRON integration (thanks @crypt0freeze & C A), and upgrades to ZK technology. Alongside these developments, the app team is committed to enhancing the pDEX trading experience for improved usability.

The growth team and I are seeking more effective platforms for our next LE pNode giveaway, with the goal of surpassing the impact of our previous event. Additionally, we’re exploring the idea of creating an ‘Introduction to Incognito’ video to be featured on, aimed at easing new users into understanding our platform.

Your continuous support and patience are highly appreciated as we advance towards these exciting updates.

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Thank you for that incredibly quick response! Reading through it now.

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Just getting & restaking Provide rewards.


SOL would be nice too… I thought the integration was done like a year ago.