Consider adding $NERVA (a Monero fork)

Hi Incognito Core Dev Team,

I am not sure what the process is for requesting a new bridge to be added, but in this case there’s a privacy-focussed crypto called NERVA that has been around for many many years which is a fork of Monero.

Here is there website -

As Incognito prides itself on being a Privacy DEX, I figured you’d give some preference to Privacy-focussed crypto projects.

What makes NERVA ($XNV) special?

  • It has remained true to Satoshi’s rule of “1 CPU = 1 VOTE”
  • It’s a Proof of Work CPU mineable coin (GPU & ASIC resistant)
  • NO Pool mining
  • NO ICO
  • 100% Fungible and Private
  • It’s philosophy is rooted in “Crypto is for everyone”.
  • It’s code-base is identical to Monero, however, it’s founder has left the project and it is now 100% community driven.

Please consider adding this coin.

Hey @Jared / @Jayce_Nguyen, I know the lead developer at NERVA. So, if your Incognito Dev team are able to clone the Monero bridge code and want to discuss any other technical requirements with NERVA, let me know.

Hey @Jared,

Hope you are well mate.

Can you please help highlight this opportunity to the incognito Core Dev Team?

Because NERVA is a fork of Monero (same code base) and has a vibrant community of pro-privacy people this may be a relatively quick win-win.

Btw, I know the lead developer at Nerva and he is keen to assist the incognito devs.

Incognito has already completed the difficult work on building a solid Monero bridge. I presume it wouldn’t be too difficult to spin up a Nerve node (, clone the Monero code and get Nerve added as an asset on the incognito platform.

Your thoughts on this?

Hello @Linnovations,

I’ve added $NERVA to the list of topics to discuss with the growth team. Since you said this is just a fork of Monero then it should be relatively easy to get it added and they will speak with the app team about adding it.

However, if it is not simple to add it in the app team will have to see if the dev team will be able to support it or not.

What are the advantages of NERVA over Monero? Usually just cloning a coin will not replace the incumbent coin.

That’s a great question @Rantan

NERVA does not set out to replace Monero. It is a fork of Monero, but is mined using a different algo: Cryptonight-Adaptive (Proof-Of-Work).

Unlike Monero, NERVA is a solo-mine ONLY coin via CPUs. This is one of the major difference between Monero which allows Pool Mining.

This is important as anyone on the planet can mine Nerva with a PC and NERVA adhere’s to one of Satoshi’s core principles in the Whitepaper “1 CPU = 1 VOTE”.

The other thing that differentiates NERVA from Monero is already at tail emission phase, hence the inflation is fixed.

Here’s an excerpt from the official website:

NERVA offers true privacy and fungibility, is totally untraceable and unlinkable, with users and transfer amounts hidden from the public

Cryptocurrency: Nerva (XNV)
Circulating Supply: 18.84 million XNV (as of Feb 2024)
Annual Inflation: 157800 XNV (0.84%)
Hash Algorithm: Cryptonight-Adaptive (Proof-Of-Work)
Block Reward: 0.3 XNV
Emission Speed: 60 seconds
Premine: 180000 XNV (1%)

I hope that addresses your question.

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That’s pretty cool. Do you know where you could buy or swap for some Nerva?