(Resolved) Anyone got some spare PRV?

Hey, I managed to *** myself by moving all my PRV so I don’t have enough to create transactions. I have pending rewards, but I cannot create a withdraw transactions. I have running nodes, but even if I stop one, the funds are not released anymore because they’re all auto staking. What do I do now? :slight_smile:

Side note, I’m working on a small node monitor script and noticed that although we have 4705 staked nodes, 684 of them are syncing and not operational. I suspect this is because of the forever stuck in staked limbo situation now that funds are not released back to the funding account?

Anywho, anyone want to trade 1 PRV into 10 PRV? :grimacing:

I got you

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if you can private message me or post your incognito address I’ll send (you don’t need to send extra back).

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Sweet, my Incognito Address is in my profile. :blue_heart:

“This user’s public profile is hidden.”

wtf, hang on, I’ll PM you and then figure out why I’m all secret.

Weird, can’t find the “hide my profile” option. Maybe I’m blind…

I think:

click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen.
click on your name on the top left of the drop down.
click on preferences.
click on Interface.
Uncheck “Hide my public profile and presence features.”
click Save Chances.

Doh! Missed that small checkbox. Thanks again for helping me with both problems! :grin:

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Can some please senden me 0,1 or 0,2 PVR. I think think applikationen might be to difficullt for me, but I can not took my Crypto away or change them. Thanks very much

My adress:

Hello @Marilyn,

I’ve just sent you 0.5 PRV. Please swap some crypto into PRV to cover future TX fees. I would recommend keeping a 0.5 PRV balance at all times.

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The address that you provided again is the same as the previous address.


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