safety idea

I made a typo and the system sold at 10x market price. This doesn’t seem right. There should be a safety feature to prevent this.

That sucks. But that’s crypto. Learn from it.
The only safety needed is experience.
That’s the whole point of crypto.

Technically, a LIMIT order should get you the best price up to that LIMIT. If you do that on a brokerage, it will execute at market price. Experienced stock traders make mistakes too. Your line of thinking is what is separating crypto from going huge with traditional finance. Yes mistakes can be more permanent than with stock trading, but I’m a seasoned options trader. Options trading is significantly more risky than any crypto. Food for thought. I would rather see crypto become more usable for the masses than for just people like you.

EDIT: If you didn’t read the above, you should get that as an experienced stock options trader, I know a limit order is something that executes at market price up to that limit. It should have executed at market price instead of at that ridiculous price. At the VERY least, it can’t legally be called a limit order if it fails this.

EDIT2: It would also be easy to pass a quick dialogue-box if user creates a limit order that is higher/lower than the market price (buying/selling)

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Hey @GoldFella,

Great to have you part of the community and Thanks for sharing your experience.

I agree with you, the User Experience is poor in this case. I agree there should be warnings in place when you place an order that is way outside a given price range. Just a popup to confirm - “Are you sure you want to place this order that is XX% over/under market price?” would suffice.

I support your idea as this will improve the User Experience on Incognito DEX.