Privacy Inscription Update: Announcing the 1st collection

GM Incognito community!

Getting ready for the much-awaited privacy inscriptions feature, we are thrilled to unveil a captivating profile picture collection designed exclusively for the Incognito community.

Drawing inspiration from the essence of anonymity, this collection represents individuals from diverse races, nationalities, and rich cultural backgrounds. It perfectly aligns with the core values of our project and community, which cherishes the importance of privacy.

This collection will be inscribed as soon as the privacy inscriptions feature is implemented on the mainnet. If you’re an Incognito validator, we kindly request you to update to the latest code to ensure a minimum of 85% validator participation for the feature’s execution.

While we have yet to determine the optimal distribution method for these remarkable collection items among community members, we eagerly invite all of you to share your innovative ideas and suggestions.

Here’s a sneak peek into the collection, offering you a glimpse of what’s to come:

Thank you for being a part of the Incognito journey. Together, let’s celebrate privacy and spread the love through these captivating inscriptions.

Stay incognito, stay awesome! :female_detective::green_heart:


Hello, very nice idea, I propose to be able to create collections of NFTs of incognito profiles or the artists of which I am a part can offer and sell for a few PRV Custom-creations or random collections profiles pictures.


It can spice up the incognito chain with useful NFTs which can even increase in value if a marketplace is created.
@khanhj , @Jared, @everyone


Yeah, a marketplace for trading NFTs on the Incognito chain is a good idea. Additionally, we welcome artists to join us in creating new collections. Perhaps we could offer a special promotion for listing their artworks.
Alternatively, we can establish a dedicated PRV pool where Incognito users can contribute funds specifically for artists.


Very good idea, really interested in having one

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Hey @khanhj and Community,

I think NFTs are a great idea, especially on a privacy focussed network like Incognito. But I feel there MUST be some kind of utility that comes with them.

Having unique limited edition JPEGs is nothing new.

I also like the idea of having a way to spent some of my PRV on NFTs in the Marketplace. Let’s get PRV circulating within the community.

Here some ideas to get the “NFT Utility” ideas flowing

  1. Airdrop NFTs for achievements using the incognito platform
    For example:
    a) When someone provides liquidity to a pool, they receive an achievement badge. When the user, makes their first trade, they get another badge. When they make there 10th trade they get another NFT airdropped, etc. etc… When the user completes a collection, they can burn the badges to mint a “Yield Bonus NFT” (see below for more details)
    b) When someone has collectively locked up say over 25,000 in PRV in “Provide”, they will get airdropped “Yield Bonus” NFT that acts like a multiplier E.g. 1.10X
    This means the holder of this in their Provide Wallet will apply a bonus 10% PRV on top for base “Provide” rate. These “Yield Bonus” NFTs can stack up to cause an compound interest effect. These NFTs can traded on the Incognito NFT marketplace for PRV.

  2. Burn & Mint NFTs
    Let’s say a user has 2 x 1.25X “Yield Bonus” Multipliers, these 2 x NFTs could be burned and then a NEW 2.60X “Yield Bonus” Multiplier minted. There would be a nominal PRV fee involved burning and minting the new token. The new token will probably attract a higher price on the NFT Marketplace as they would generate higher yield.

Do you like these ideas?

Hey @Jared, can you float this idea by the Core Dev Team so they are start thinking about this functionality and all the countless opportunities and possibilities?

Perhaps others in the community can share some of your NFT utility ideas.

Let’s keep this discussion going incognito community…

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