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I have created a PRV Faucet website.

Current payout is 0.00001 PRV a claim, with the only requirement to claim being to solve a captcha. There is no time limit between claims (paying to solve captchas to abuse this would cost significantly more than 0.00001 PRV equivalent each, so there’s no reason to).

The site isn’t the best looking and isn’t what you would consider “mobile friendly”, although it will still work across any device. Improved in update.

Initial Faucet balance is around 5 PRV. At 0.00001 PRV a claim, 500,000 claims can be made. The public receiving address of the wallet storing faucet balance is also public if anyone desires to contribute, although it is not necessary. Faucet balance is automatically updated on the page every few minutes.

There is no “catch” to this service. It exists entirely as a free and public community service, with no advertisements or anything else. One faucet claim should be enough to cover the cost of the transaction fee on many (normal) transactions made on the incognito network.


Really cool idea :+1:

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I’m just being curious…

Is there GitHub depository for this page? I was thinking about trying to make it mobile friendly. If you guys allow me too :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

Just pushed a UI overhaul update. The site should finally be mobile friendly as well as look nicer overall.


Great job @bird!

What do you think about the idea to add twitter proof instead/beside of captcha ?

Let say with the captcha you can get 0.00001 and with social proof 10x more 0.0001 or something like this ) It might help to spread some words about Incognito in Twitter )


is there a website or link on this ?

ok there it is thanks for sharing this info :+1:

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This is nice, thanks !


What does one use a faucet for? I know you can get small amounts of PRV, but what is the real utility here for users?

It can be more useful for brand new users that sometimes misses out that they need PRV to do any transaction within the app so this small amount can help them out in case they transfer a coin which they cannot pay the fee with.


I think it can be another form to generate some tokens apart from your staking, even though it’s a small amount. But it’s still something.

It’s a great way to get new users started. Both faucets, the one mentioned in this post and the one in the Discord provide more than enough to cover their first few transactions.

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Cool idea Bird, keep updating

its a great help on the community for adding more ways to earn PRV