[Coin Verification] GPCI - Goal Phoenix Crypto Infinity

Coin Name: Goal Phoenix Crypto Infinity

Coin Ticker: GPCI

We are requesting verification of Goal Phoenix Infinity, LLC. DBA. Goal Phoenix Crypto, minted here on Incognito. The token ticker is GPCI, and its Founder and Creator is Michaelson Williams. Michaelson is a multi genre published author, Editor-n-Chief at a mostly men’s success magazine publication MMAP Magazine, Host of the TSX Podcast interviewing successful entrepreneurs around the world. Michaelson has created crypto courses and is a Mentor to multi company owner and Co-founder of the Stone & Marble Co Shahzeel Khokhar, and others. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shahzeel-khokhar-mba-62ab9224?original_referer=https%3A%2F%2Fsearch.brave.com%2F

There are many reasons why we’ve launched our token on the Incognito pDex. The primary reasons is that Incognito understands the importance of building a honest and trustworthy products and branding as much as we do. The Goal Phoenix Infinity crypto project is a long term venture that looks to employ hundreds of thousands and eventually millions to take their future into their own hands. Goal Phoenix Infinity value proposition is to bring something positive to the world. Goal Phoenix Infinity, Michaelson, and our team believe in transparency as well as protecting individual privacy rights. We do not allow any type of dishonesty what-so-ever. Our Name Is Our Legacy.

Our team is small right now with dedicated members but that’s because we are picky about who we let on the project. We have additional team members who are currently working for some pretty big companies, thus can not be mentioned here. We also use contractors for small parts of the project like building our apps, testing, etc. You’ve already been introduced to the founder Michaelson who has been active on Incognito since 2021, and has both active and test coins on the app. Michaelson plans to do is best to help grow Goal Phoenix Crypto Infinity, and Incognito as we promote the GPCI coin to our new audiences.

It is extremely important for us to have a fully functional, verified, and tradable coin on Incognito as soon as possible due to how our app UI and UX works. Through Michaelson directly or the project we have a presence on Twitter, 3,000 plus on Substack, closing in on1,500 on Threads, Instagram, over 3,500 active email list. Right now now all of Michaelson and the Team social followers are connected to the Goal Phoenix Crypto Infinity project, however we are migrating them over to our respective social media accounts.

We are looking forward to successfully passing the coin verification process with the information provided. You’ll find Team, Whitepaper, Business Plan, Social Media, etc. at links down below.

Follow us and Michaelson

Twitter: @MichaelsonWil11, @GoalPhoenixCryp,

Threads: @TSXPodcast, @GoalPhoenixCryptoInfinity

Substack: mmap.substack.com / Newsletter and Podcast

Website: goalphoenixinfinity.com

Project Test App: https://adm-fitness-effect.glideapp.io minted $ADME

Search Michaelson Williams on Amazon.com


Looks amazing, really excited for what the future brings!


Hello @GoalPhoenixCrypto and GPCI community,

The community committee has voted and I regret to inform you your coin verification did not meet the criteria outlined to pass.

What does this mean? Your coin will remain listed on our app, however, for users to find it they will need to search for it. Incognito will not list LILA under “verified” coins section to protect users.

Please feel free to reapply later.

Hey Jared

Can you advise where we fell short so we can direct our energy to those issues?

Also i’m not sure what “LILA” is exactly. Can you explain please?


Whoops, my mistake, I meant GPCI.

From the Verification Criteria, the committee felt your project is lacking on the established community and your Trust Level on the forum is still at level 1. We like to see coins with both active creators and also very active and engaging communities.

The committee was formed to prevent projects taking little to no effort and creating a coin on Incognito and quickly doing a pump and dump or other scheme. Thus using and abusing Incognito’s name and image for their own projects gain (not implying this is what you are doing at all, just clarifying).


Hello Incognito Verification Governance. I am here again to put in a bid for Goal Phoenix Crypto Infinity GPCI coin to be verified. Having our pCoin verified will have a huge positive impact on moving our project forward.

Currently we are experiencing some technical issues with our pcoin on Incognito, and it seems these issues can be solved easily if GPCI is verified.

Please review the information provided in our first bid for verification again, as any doubts of the legitimacy of the project, and Founder should be satisfied. We have been working with the Incognito Team :handshake: through many growing pains that would surely have shaken us off if we were not dedicated to our project.

Thanks for your time and really looking forward to hearing back some positive news!

Founder and Creative Director
Michaelson Williams
Goal Phoenix Infinity LLC.