Spreading some Christmas cheer

Hello Incognito Community,

I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! :santa::christmas_tree::gift:

Special Thanks to all the Incognito developers and Core team members working on Incognito. This project hasn’t crashed and burned or fallen by the wayside or died during this long bear market which say something. This project is strong and has such great talent behind it.

@Jared, please share this message with the core team next time you talk to them.

Also, I’d like to thank the Incognito Marketing Team to running this holiday giveaway of a pNode. This is a fantastic idea and I hope all of us in the community help promote this Giveaway and that the pNode goes to a lucky winner who will appreciate it and becomes a more active member of this amazing community.

Here is my latest effort to promote the pNode Giveaway :-

I hope it inspires others to spread the Christmas cheer and the benefits of Incognito DEX.

Here is my Tweet - please feel free to like and share

Happy Holidays and may everyone have a wonderful Christmas :christmas_tree: :dove: