How to trade anonymously with pUniswap

Uniswap, Ethereum’s largest DEX, boasts immense liquidity pools for Ethereum-based assets. However, Ethereum is not private, and every trade leaves you exposed.

With Incognito’s privacy Uniswap (pUniswap), you can now take advantage of that liquidity without ever touching the Ethereum chain.

Here’s how:

1. Download the Incognito app

Get it on the App Store, Play Store, or download the latest APK.


2. Shield your crypto

To trade, you’ll need crypto in your Incognito wallet. Shield (anonymize) your crypto simply by depositing it to your Incognito address.

Learn how to shield your crypto >

3. Trade

From the home screen, click the “Trade” tab.

Select your trading pair. The top is the asset you’ll give, and the bottom is the asset you’ll receive. Click “Preview your order”.

Note: Liquidity pools will be automatically selected to provide the best rate for you. If a trade results in lower fees and better rates with a pDEX native pool, that pool will be used instead of a Uniswap pool.

Review the rate and fees, then click “Confirm”.

Note: Currently, pUniswap fees are about $6, as cross-platform trading requires multiple transactions handled concurrently (unshield, trade with Uniswap, shield again).

Privacy for DeFi is here

With Incognito, it’s easy to trade anonymously with Uniswap, and we’re working on bringing privacy to all of DeFi. You can already buy, sell, invest, stake, and hold your crypto privately, all from the Incognito app.


Hi @Auditpress, if that token is available on Uniswap and was added to the Incognito network. It should be fine. What is that token exactly?