How to anonymously cross-chain transfer on the Incognito web

In this tutorial, we are introducing you to features that will be supported on the web environment. This is the first part of a tutorial series that will show you how to anonymously transfer a coin from a source chain to a destination chain through Incognito. We will keep publishing the next parts once they are supported as described in the previous topic.


  • Incognito wallet extension installed and an Incognito wallet set up.
  • Metamask extension installed (other options will be supported later).


To unlock the privacy De-Fi world in the Incognito ecosystem, you would need to deposit assets into Incognito blockchain first.

To do that, you need to connect to the Metamask extension (if you haven’t) by clicking on “Connect Wallet” button. Metamask is responsible for depositing your funds to Incognito vaults (a.k.a smart contracts).

The balance of the chosen “From Token” is automatically displayed once the Metamask wallet is connected to show the maximum amount you can deposit. Also, receiving address is also shown up in the Address field, this is the address of Incognito wallet to which you connected.

Please note that the web will automatically connect to Incognito wallet that you have set up in the Prerequisites above.

After selecting “From Token”, “From Network” from dropdowns as well as entering the deposit amount (in this tutorial we are selecting USDC, Binance Smart Chain and 1.2 respectively), click “Deposit” then Metamask screen will open up for signing and broadcasting the deposit transaction to the selected From network.

Wait for a while for the deposit transaction to be confirmed, you can check the deposited balance in the Incognito wallet extension. In case you don’t see your token, click on (+) button on the top left corner to add it to the asset list.

Cross-chain transfer

After finishing the deposit steps above, you now have unified privacy tokens (e.g. unified USDC) in Incognito. Next, let’s try to transfer the privacy tokens to an arbitrary network (says Polygon) to demonstrate the cross-chain transfer capability via Incognito (remember that we’ve deposited USDC from Binance Smart Chain).

Similar to the deposit, the receiving address and maximum transfer amount are automatically shown up for the connected Metamask and Incognito accounts respectively.

Clicking on “Swap” will open the Incognito wallet extension for signing and broadcasting the transfer transaction to the Incognito network.

Wait for a while for the transfer transaction to be processed, you will receive USDT in your Polygon wallet.

So we’ve just anonymously transferred 1.2 USDC from Binance Smart Chain to Polygon through Incognito. We hope you share our excitement about the new features. Should you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below and we will be happy to discuss it further.


I think it should be Polygon wallet, not BSC wallet.

Fixed, thanks pointing it out :raised_hands:

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