Full pDEX tutorials

pDEX tutorials outline

1. What is the pDEX

Incognito pDEX is an upgraded decentralized exchange. On this page you can find a high level overview of main features.

2. How the pDEX works

In this section you can find technical explanation about how pDEX works and what kind of technology is behind it.

2.1 Technical overview of how pDEX was built and how different parts of pdex are related to each other.
2.2 A technical paper about how automated market making algorithm which one of pDEX backbones works.

3. Get 62.7% APR for liquidity provides(details)

Liquidity providers will now earn up to 62.7% APR on their crypto. Earn rewards for helping people trade on the world’s first privacy-protecting DEX!

3.1 What is the Liquidity pools
3.2 What means to be a liquidity provider

4. Instructions

I this section, you can find different “how to…” instructions for different actions on the pDEX.

4.1 How to buy and sell crypto anonymously
4.2 How to add/remove liquidity on pDEX
4.3 How to list your token on pDEX for free
4.4 Other cases

5. Utilities for pDEX

In this section you will find links to different tools supporting trading activities, making decisions on buying and selling crypto.

5.1 Incognito Scan
5.1 Price & liquidity pools charts (old)
5.2 Difference between liquidity and staking

6. FAQ & trouble shooting

In this section we will try to answer on most common question and link related to pDEX issues which was faced and resolved by other user.

6.1 Can’t withdraw from pDEX
6.2 [SOLVED] Cannot get PRV out of pDEX account
6.3 [SOLVED] Can't pay pDEX fees with other tokens (not PRV)
6.4 [SOLVED] Cannot remove liquidity and pdex pool size problem. possible bugs?
6.5 [SOLVED] Why is sending out from pDex account disabled?


Can my pDEX Lana Bot be added there?

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