How to add liquidity in the pDEX

1. Open your Incognito wallet to access the pDEX

Don’t have a wallet yet?


2. Deposit funds to your trading account

On your home screen, tap the ‘Invest’ icon. This will open up the Invest.

Then tap deposit.


Next, choose which account you’d like to deposit funds from.

Select the account, enter the amount, and tap Deposit.


Do it for the second token too (in our case its BTC, in your case can be any)

That’s it. Now you have funds in your trading account.

3. Add liquidity from your trading funds

Tap ‘Invest’ at the top of your screen, and set the amount you want to provide. Then tap ‘Add liquidity’ at the bottom of your screen.

:exclamation: Double-check both Tokens and Amounts you are going to add liquidity for.




From the minute your liquidity contribution is made, you’ll start earning rewards. Rewards will be automatically deposited to your pDEX account every Monday.

Thanks for being a liquidity provider!


Hi, i have provided liquidity on the PRV-DAI wich was succesfull about 2 weeks ago.

I cannot see any incoming rewards to pDex.

What to do?image image

@jason could you have a look please?

Hi @GEBELEIZIS. The old pDEX reward program was applied only for 5 pairs PRV/BTC, PRV/ETH, PRV/USDT, PRV/USDC, and PRV/XMR. That’s why you haven’t received any reward for your PRV/DAI adding since then.

On June 1, the new pDEX reward program was out and you can start earning reward for your PRV/DAI adding from this week, providing that your funds still lies in the liquidity pools of PRV/DAI pair.

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Thank you @jason for the answer! Makes sense now :slight_smile:

so if I add $1000 worth of PRV and a $1000 work of chainlink, will I get more then useing “provide” on $2000 worth of PRV?

Would I make fractions of PRV and LINK, or just PRV? and what would be the % apy% on LINK and/or PRV?

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Have a look here