[App v4.7.0] Shielding & Un-Shielding ERC20 & BEP20 PRV

As recently announced, Incognito app users can now withdrawal PRV off the Incognito chain and onto the Ethereum network (ERC20) or Binance Smart Chain (BSC). If you missed the announcement and want to learn how it works check out this link:

Let’s learn how to Shield and Un-Shield PRV to/from the Incognito network.

Shielding PRV

Step 1 -

From the app home screen: tap on Assets > Shield my crypto > Search for Privacy (PRV) (see figure 1 - Privacy (PRV) asset selection).

List_Shield_Tokens (1)
figure 1 - Privacy (PRV) asset selection

Step 2 -

Next, select which network PRV will be sent from either Ethereum Network (see figure 2a) or Binance Smart Chain (see figure 2b).

figure 2a - Ethereum Network

figure 2b - Binance Smart Chain

Step 3 -

Check the network fee for this transaction (figure 3). If you are okay with this fee then continue to Step 4. Note: The fee amount is deducted from the amount of shielded funds.

Shield_PRV_ETH (2)
figure 3 - Shielding Fee

Step 4 -

Click copy next to your Shield Address (see figure 4). After copying this address paste the address into your external wallet and send funds for shielding.

Shield_PRV_ETH (3)
figure 4 - Copy Shield Addresss

Un-shielding PRV

Step 1 -

Enter the amount of PRV you want to un-shield

Step 2 -

Paste your public wallet address (either ETH or BSC).

Step 3 -

Select which network you are un-shielding to.

Step 4 -

Click Unshield my crypto.

figure 5 - Unshielding PRV Steps

As usual if anyone has any questions or needs any help with anything please leave a comment below or contact the @Support team.


Bro man @Jared… another smoking posting…thank you bro for your contribution and posting to the community… :+1: :100: :sunglasses:


I second that! @Jared love the support you’re bringing to this community.


Hey guys, @Jared just heads up the tutorial here but the feature is only going to be released in the Incognito app in a few hours, we will keep you posted here once it goes live, sorry for the inconvenience!


The app has been released, you can update it from the app store now. For those who have a problem with the update, please be patient, give it some time and check back later, it could be because of the app store’s delay.


Just tried unshield and worked like a charm!


This is HUGE! Now incognito can be traded on other exchanges and Dex’s.

This changes everything, i may have to start scailing back into incognito!


Are there any trading pairs yet established outside of the incognito DEX yet?

Btw this is so awesome! Thanks for all the hard work!

@adrian has added some liquidity into PancakeSwap but the liquidity is low yet.

PRV (BSC) token address: 0xb64fde8f199f073f41c132b9ec7ad5b61de0b1b7

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That’s an understatement: 74% price impact, lol. 1 BNB ≈ 225 PRV (assuming 1 PRV ≈ $1.88 & 1 BNB ≈ $423 ).

The slippage is real, yo!


Add more liquidity :wink:

I was just expanding on the low liquidity comment a bit. I’m certain someone will – if it hasn’t already happened – ape into a trade over there without considering the price impact/slippage.

Considering how many people still complain about the pDEX slippage – even with both LP amounts added to the trade screen – I can imagine the future rageposts: “PancakeSwap stole [my] BNB and gave me 50 PRV. FAKE!! SCAM!!1!!”


I disagree.

Yes, someone may fall into this mistake if she is an expert :joy: Pancakeswap (or similar clones) does not allow the high slippage for the default users. Either she has to enable Expert Mode or she has to write “confirm” into the warning popup dialog. If she does one of those intentionally, I think she is a highly competent trader and she deserves that high slippage :joy:


Thank you, and good to know!

Hopefully the pool will grow bigger soon!