How to report bugs to the core developer team

Hi everyone,

As you know, the core privacy tools of the Incognito network, as well as the network itself, are in active development. While we have quality control measures in place and work hard to make sure we release the best products and updates as quickly as we can, it takes an entire community to steward this project. If you detect issues or have suggestions for solutions, you’re welcome and encouraged to share them.

Moving forward, we’ve decided to use the GitHub “Issues” feature as the official channel for reporting. This way, you have a consistent place to report issues, and you can verify that we’re taking your feedback seriously. You’ll also be able to see updates made to the code base that address reported issues.

So from now on, just follow these simple steps below to report a bug:

Note: For chain-related critical bugs and security issues, please directly message @duc ([email protected]) and @andrey ([email protected]).

  • First, log in your Github account, or create a new account if you haven’t had one.

  • Then, locate the correct repository for the layer that needs to be addressed: Chain, App wallet, Extension.

  • Finally, click on the “Issues” tab and select “New issue”. From here, you can use the template to submit your feedback.

Check out the template >
Guide on opening an issue on Github >


That’s all there is to it!

Previously, we asked you to report bugs on the Incognito forum, but GitHub gives you direct access to the developers.

When you submit a ticket, the developer team will be automatically notified, and a developer will be assigned to the case. It’s more efficient, and gives you more clarity. You can now more easily track the progress of fixes and communicate with the right developer whenever needed.

Happy reporting! (Well, hopefully you never need to :slight_smile: )


And for those with time and knowledge to do so, you can also correct the issue yourself and submit a merge request.


:grinning::grinning::grinning: I fully support utilizing github to mark track and prioritize issues , bugs, etc etc. Thank you also for letting us know who to contact for emergency.

Next step is we need an email setup dedicated for responsible disclosure of bugs to give the team a heads up in case there is one too sensitive to post on public chat.

For instance , [email protected]


Problem with this is the team does not accept code outside of the core dev team. This is cited from me talking to @duc on Jan 18th:

“currently Incognito chain has not supported smart contract yet, things like pdex was implemented on-chain as a part of protocol.
Yes, Incognito chain is open source, it’ll be opened for external contribution in the future but not now i guess since there still are a lot of things in the roadmap that the core team needs to focus on first…”

Perhaps this will be revisited ???


Hey Matt, I think that for too sensitive bugs, it should be reported directly to @andrey and @duc in their private messages. By doing that way, the reports will be aware of faster than checking an email.

But still, noted down your suggestion for further consideration. :wink:


Guys, feel free to add our emails as contact option [email protected], [email protected]


There is more to the project than just the chain code. I haven’t tried it, but I assume it is possible to submit a merge request for minor corrections. Adding new features is a different story.

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