How to Invite Your Friends to

Know someone who cares about privacy? Bring them here.

Obviously, you can always just tell people about When they say, “Oh cool, what’s their website?” you can shake your head in disgust and never speak to them again.

But, if you want to earn b a d g e s , you can follow the steps below to find and share your personal user invite link. (For the PRV rewards, ensure your Incognito wallet address is in your profile on this site).

Hint: For a very quick, super-secret shortcut, skip to the end. But only do this if you don’t need to explore the site more for a better understanding.

Note: For you to earn rewards, the users must be active, real users who progress through trust levels. But the point of inviting people is friendship, not rewards, so I know you know that.

1. Go to your account summary

From the home page, click on your circular user icon in the top right corner.

Then, click your username.

Next, click “summary”.

2. Send an invite

From your account summary, click the “invites” tab, then click “Send an invite”.

In the popup box, enter your friend’s email address.

Once you enter their email, you have two options. You can either send the invite directly, or copy the invite link. Click your preferred option, and welcome your friend to Incognito!


If you are comfortable with the website and are looking for speed rather than a learning process, just type “[YOUR USERNAME]/invited/pending” (without the quotation marks or brackets).

This will bring you to the invites page, where you can then click “Send and invite” and finish the process.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to share your thoughts below.


i followed all above directions, and no invites tab in summary. Shortcut only led me to a page saying access denied. Did I miss something?

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I believe you have to earn the rank of trusted user before you can refer others to the site.

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Fair enough. Thank you! I was thinking of creating business cards I can leave anywhere I go, or give to those interested in Blockchain/Cryptocurrency.


When you go to your profile, there’s nothing here?:



Hey @aaron theres no Invite tabs in my summary page.

Thank you before


@aaron, back when the post was originally posted I had not reached Enthusiast quite yet. I did notice yesterday I have the invite option.


I don’t see any Invited options why?


Hey @anon71241834, nice to e-meet you :tada:

Actually, the trust levels make an impact on your invite possibility. We have to implement this trust levels for users to prevent the bad behavior of abusing the referral rewards. Hope you understand :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

To check your own trust level, please go through this topic: trust levels.

Should you have any concern about this feature, let me know :slight_smile:


Thank you :two_hearts:


Just be an active member in the community, you will become a member in no time and get a referral link. With that said, do not let that stop you from bringing friends or family in! You can still get credit for sharing a post with unique visitors and you could earn the Rising Star badge! Incognito is very much worth sharing based purely on the merits, and efforts of the project and community.

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