Face ID for Incognito Wallet

We are aware that most iOS users (those who use iPhone X or later models) would struggle to use Passcode since they have to type in the passcode manually every time they open the app. Therefore we brought Face ID feature to the table & make the pain go away.

Face ID allows you to increase security of your assets, while helping you avoid the typing struggle everyday. Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Turn on Passcode in your settings.

Step 2: Set your own passcode.

Step 3: Allow Incognito Wallet to access your Face ID data.

We set up Face ID as an alternative to Passcode, meaning that you can access your phone with either the passcode you created or your Face ID data.

If the scan matches the current Face ID data on your phone, the app will perform an assigned action like unlocking an app (which is our case here), authorizing a transaction, etc.

If you still can’t find this new feature on your phone, please make sure to update your app to the latest version 3.6.4 for iOS & Android


That is a great feature for those who have the correct device. I can imagine after using face-recognition for a while it is a pain to go back to entering numbers. Well done!


I personally think this is not a good idea. I’m sure it took a lot of work so for that I commend all those involved.

But the way I see it: if someone is going to join the “Incognito Chain” for cryptocurrency, odds are they probably don’t want their face associated with their private account. It takes a little bit of the anonymity, privacy, and incognito-ness out of the picture in my opinion. Even if it is perfectly safe and secure, facial recognition software is still a touchy subject for those really concerned with privacy.

Just my 2cents if you sent for me. :wink:

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The nice thing is, you dont have to enable it… so you can have the option to use FaceID or just default with the passcode… best of both worlds.


True that always good to have options, as my Dad likes to say haha xD

Face recognition is not exclusive, you always have the option to enter a code when, for whatever reason, your face is not recognized by the software.