Order book price match, no fill

Every swap I attempt fails.
I found several threads about this, saying it’s an issue with trade routes:

Swaps fail but value you get by making limit order is so much lower
Swap fails repeatedly
[ISSUE] Trade Requests are not being fulfilled?

It has been many weeks, and I cannot seem to get a swap to work.

In one of those threads, it is mentioned to try to place a limit order instead. So I did this as well. Even if I place a limit sell, and then a corresponding buy is placed for the same limit price, it does not fill…

So then I entered an offer price lower than the highest bid, and it still didn’t fill…

How is this possible?
How else can PRV be used outside of Incognito if it can’t be swapped or sold??

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Limit orders require that someone else uses swap to activate the limit order. When swap is down (as it is roughly 80% of the time) limit orders also don’t get filled.

Seriously? I thought the whole point of having an order book was to get away from Swap.

Why would anyone use buy/sell if it requires a swap anyway?

For example, market-making purpose.

What is the purpose of restricting buy/sell orders to only be filled with a swap, if at least part of the point of instituting the order-book was to move away from and discontinue Swap/Provide?

Thanks, I did read through that, but that’s kind of where my questions came from.

The entire first section talks about the problems with Provide/Swap, including the fact that it’s “centralized” and “unsustainable”…

So my question remains: if part of the reason for pDEX v3 and the order book was to move away from and discontinue Swap/Provide…why is a swap required to get a limit order filled? Why can’t a corresponding opposite limit order suffice?

Again, I had 400 PRV I wanted to sell at .1302, and someone ostensibly wanted to buy 2000 PRV at .1302…

And instead of simply matching buyer to seller with each getting what they want… we both had to have our orders sit there until a third party came in and placed a swap?

Can you explain the reasoning for this?