Swap or Sell Limit Orders Not Working?

I’ve tried to swap some of my PRV to USDT, USDC, BTC and ETH - all of which are failing or giving me the “refunded” status. I’ve tried placing limit orders and it sits there for hours doing nothing. I’ve tried pricing my sell orders below the market value and it still sits in limbo.

How are other people doing trades on here? I’m looking to trade PRV to some of the above mentioned tokens and unshield - but currently unable to do it. I’d appreciate if people can share how they accomplished it or offer some help. Thanks in advance! @Support

@sid I’m in the same boat and have been for weeks. I’ve also had to resort to lower and lower value limit orders to sell PRV for USDT (which I can then swap to BTC).

There is definitely a liquidity issue in many of the pools but unfortunately the app doesn’t show the balances for the token pairs in a given pool anymore. I also tried to provide some BTC & PRV to the respective Earn pool but to contribute 1sat I’d need something like 200K+ PRV!
It would be great to hear from the developers on this.


@3prime - thanks for chiming in. This appears to be a serious issue that ties to the broader health and state of affairs for the overall project. With the market interest picking up across crypto due to favorable events (Bitcoin ETF approval, BTC Halving, etc.) and in anticipation of an upcoming bull market in the next year or so - I’m very concerned if this project is on a path of no return.

I’m also very curious to find out what happens to the share of real investor money thats locked in the 8 Million+ PRV’s that are currently staked (assuming some of it is from the core team itself), if there is no liquidity and thereby no ability to sell/trade PRV’s. It now makes sense why PRV’s value is sitting tight at $0.13, because people just can’t trade, and and there are zero new investors.

@Support team - I’d really appreciate some transparency and a bigger update that’s closer to reality, please. Thank you!


The PRV-USDT pool seems to be the big issue here. Yesterday when I checked it showed that I would need to contribute 72 MILLION prv for each single dollar of USDT. Doesn’t look like we mere mortals / individuals can fix that.

Unpopular opinion? / Call me crazy, but maybe the provide reward %'s are “a little” too high. Seems everyone’s just trying to dump their bags of PRV.


I have been able to sell PRV using limit orders it has taken hrs and days sometimes.

I to would like to understand what is going on with the PRV/USDT pool. If there is such a shortage of USDT why does it need so much PRV?

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