Swaps only fail

For weeks now, whenevever I try to make a swap I get transaction failed. Is something going on with the app or just me?

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Hello @jivebh,

Please try placing Buy/Sell Limit Orders via the Trade screen.

It doesn’t work too. Very difficult to trade since some weeks.

Swaps are not as automatic as they used to be. This is a DEX we are the marketmakers. if liquidity is low , trades will be harder to find matches for.
There are a couple other ways handle it. Try raising the slippage rate on the swaps or you can use the buy/sell option. I have done both with success.
The buy/sell function takes a little bit of understanding of market dynamics to use it properly. The best chance success is the price point with the most crypto backing it. You can always set a price point and wait.
I was very used to the ease of the swap function for sure, but I have adjusted to putting lots up for sale and waiting. With the extreme volatility in crypto, a little patience and you get your trade.

Trying to swap PRV for USDT with up to a 10% slippage has been failing for the last couple of weeks. The order book in buy/sell is miserable also. There is simply not enough liquity because some of the liquidity pools pay almost nothing, and over 70% of them are at 0 %.
I like this platform but it seriously needs a lot of improvement.


Do limit orders usually work? I have tried trading from PRV->USDT, PRV->BTC but they didn’t seem to work. Although the trade requests went through, trades still failed. And I lost some trading fees. I assume there is low liquidity.

I had the same experience too. No way to sell my PRV.

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When you place a Buy / Sell Limit Order they should show up under your Open orders tab.

Open a support ticket by messaging @Support and we can refund you the fees. Please include your TXIDs.